Self Serve Photocopy

Self-service photocopiers are located on all floors of the Rod Library. Self-service copying provides black and white copies at 10 cents per page. Color copies are available at the copier on second and third floor at the cost of 50 cents per page.  Only paper supplied by the Rod Library may be used in the self-service photocopiers. Self-service copiers also provide duplex, reduction, enlargement, and alternate paper size capabilities.

First floor:   One photocopier located near bound periodicals.

Second floor: One photocopier located near the main staircase.

Third floor: One photocopier located near the main staircase.

Fourth floor:One photocopier located inside Fine and Performing Arts

Methods of Payment:
Each library self-service copier has the capability to allow patrons to charge to their  university bill once their university i.d. card has been swiped. The copier on second floor and the copier by the Bound Periodicals on the 1st floor will accept coin and bills and will escrow the money during each photocopy transaction. The machines will only accept money if there is sufficient change in the tower.

The Photocopy Desk is responsible for maintaining the self-service photocopier.