Shelving Locations

Items in the Library catalog display a location code, a call number, and an availability status:

UNISTAR location example

LOCATION CODE tells you where to look in the Library for the individual item by its call number. See our list of Location Codes for a complete list of location codes and their brief Library locations.

Approximately half of the Library's book and periodical collection is shelved in the open stacks on the first, third, and fourth floors of the Rod Library:

Call #
The library uses the Library of Congress call number system. See the Library of Congress Classification Library User Guide for an explanation of the Call Number system.

The status indicates the availability of the mateial. Items with the status "Available" should be found on the shelf at the designated location and call number. Items with a status that indicates a "Due" date are currently checked out. Items checked out can be recalled and held for you at the circulation desk.