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Wireless and Hardwired Computing

Wireless Access Points and Hardwired Jack Locations

Collaborative Workstations


Study Spaces

  • Study rooms are located on the first, third, and fourth floors.  These rooms are intended for groups of up to 6 students who wish to study together.  You may check out a study room key at the Circulation Desk with your student ID.  Loan period is three hours.
  • Multipurpose Room, room 324
    A presentation practice area or a larger space for group work for UNI students and others affiliated with UNI.  Presentation equipment includes a computer with all Microsoft Office products, a projector and a stereo receiver with speakers, a DVD/VCR and an Elmo.
  • Graduate Study Carrels are located in Rod Library room 155.  You may apply for a carrel at the Circulation Desk.  Carrels are normally assigned for no more than one semester to a particular student.  Use period is one semester.
  • Group studies
    For groups of up to six students who wish to study together.


Lockers are located on the first and third floors.  You may check out a locker key at the Circulation Desk with your student ID.  Loan period is one semester.

Equipment available to grad students

Disability services

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