April 2014 Student of the Month


The Student Employment Advisory Committee is honored to award Nate Student of the Month. Nate has been employed in the Fine & Performing Arts Collection unit for two years, and will graduate in May with his Masters of Public Policy with an emphasis in Public Health. When Nate was told of his award, he agreed to an interview.

Where is your hometown?
Dubuque, Iowa

Where did you begin your college experience?
University of Northern Iowa. My B.A. is in Political Science. I returned to earn my Master’s degree.

How long have you been attending classes?
Off and on for six years. He jokes, we got hot for a while, then cold for a while, and then we broke up in between.

Do you have a favorite instructor, or class?
I am not going to say who my favorite instructor is until grades are released. My favorite class would have to be Public Policy Process. We read interesting books like, Predictably Irrational and Nudge.

Are you involved with student organizations?
Northern Iowa Democrats
Northern Iowa Student Council, Senator
UNI Philosophy Club
UNI Free Thinkers and Inquirers, UNIF

Did you use the library before you began working here?
Of course. I came to study, check out books, and use free printing. One time I had to do a microfilm project - that was pretty intense.

Nate pauses and waits for the next question.

Are you involved with active duty?
I am currently in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Intelligence Officer

How long have you been in the military?
Since my senior year of high school.

Have you served active duty? Would you like to share an experience?
He responded with quick and direct responses.
Deployed to Afghanistan. Gave General Petraeus a briefing when he came to our Phob. I told him a joke, and he laughed. So I guess it went well if he laughed. Continually train and have drills.

Do you have memorable experience from Rod Library?
Hmm … my most memorable experience would be having my picture taken as the Scarecrow for Comic Con.
When the big tornado warning alerted everyone to go to the basement for like three hours. People started leaving because they would have rather been sucked up by the tornado than stuck in the basement with everybody.

What is the reason you selected public policy as your degree?
I felt like it was a field you can get into to help people and try to improve things. It is altruistic. There isn’t that much money there.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Cool to work for a health nonprofit like American Cancer Society, something like that, or the next Bob Dylan.