March 2013 Student of the Month


Troy March 2013 Student of the Month

Troy is the Rod Library Student of the Month for March 2013. He has been working in the Technical Services - Cataloging Section since January 2011 and was hired to work on the documents withdrawal project. He has been involved with the withdrawal of over 34,000 government documents since the project started. He creates lists in Excel spreadsheets, finds documents to be withdrawn, and updates Millennium or pulls cards from the card catalog. Troy’s nominator said that he is very dependable, has a great attitude, and is always ready to work. He has also been willing to help with other library projects such as the Hunger Games, the Dean’s search, PR photos, scanning large maps and moving furniture. He’s worked very hard for us over the past two summers and has a great work ethic!

Troy is a senior majoring in Finance and Real Estate and will be graduating in May. He grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and enjoys bicycling and motorcycling, as well as sports and exercising. His future plans are to stay in Iowa and get a full-time position in the Finance and Real Estate field.

Best wishes for the future, Troy, and congratulations on being selected Rod Library’s Student of the Month!