November Student of the Month


Our November Student of the Month is a veteran student employee as Jessica is in her fourth year working with us here at the Rod Library. She has worked all four years in the Access Services Department and has been a Building Monitor for three of those four years. Jessica is a senior Anthropology major who is from Keokuk and will be graduating in May 2013 (yes, the Access Services Dept. has tried to do everything not to let her graduate so we don’t lose her but she has persevered and will be!)

Some of Jessica’s responsibilities here include helping the fun patrons, doing building rounds, creating bulletin boards, shelving, getting the key to open and close the building on weekends, being the Saturday supervisor as well as the Sunday morning one, and assisting in extra projects. This year Jessica has had plenty of extra projects since she is also the student representative on the Public Relations Committee. She recently created the impressive Banned Book display that was in our front lobby and was very involved with the Human vs. Zombies event. Some of the bigger Access Services Department projects she has helped with were the reorganization and reshelving of the Browsing Room DVDs, the Youth Collection move, and a recent move of an Art/Music case which required a lot of her muscle strength. Jessica finds it funny that projects like that, which should have been a simple move, was a little more difficult than led to believe.

When we asked Jessica what she does in her spare time, she remarked she doesn’t have much this semester with working a second job on campus, but during the summers she is quite the movie buff so she likes to eat and watch movies. Jessica enjoys gardening and working the flower beds along with fishing with her grandpa. Jessica also has a food and craft blog which she hasn’t had many entries lately with her schedule but hopes to continue the blog. And what do Jessica’s future plans include? Why, getting her master’s degree in Library Science, of course! Her ultimate goal then is to combine her degree in anthropology along with her master’s degree and become a museum curator. Thanks, Jessica, for all your hard work you do for us and for being selected as our November Student of the Month!