October 2007 Student of the Month


oct2007megan.jpgOur October Student of the Month is Megan from Special Collections, where she has worked since January of 2005.

Megan is a senior from Hudson who is majoring in English Teaching and minoring in Spanish. She’ll graduate in December of 2008 after completing her student teaching in Colorado.

In her spare time Megan enjoys reading and participating in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing with her Dad. She says she’s a huge sports fan—and no wonder, since younger brother Allen, a sophomore at UNI, throws discus, shot, and hammer on the track team.

Working at the library must be in Megan’s bloodlines, as her great grandmother Vera was a custodian here until 1980.

Congratulations to Megan for her well-deserved recognition as October Student of the Month!