October 2010 Student of the Month


Lynn October 2010 Student of the Month

Lynn has worked at the library for 3 ½ years.  Most of her time working here has been in Technical Services; however, in January, she began working ASD as well.  She quickly moved up the ranks in ASD, where she is now a Building Monitor.  Some of her duties in ASD include: shelving books, helping patrons, and handling complaints.  In Technical Services, she is a jack of all trades by processing government documents, processing new library materials, searching OCLC for records for new orders and various websites for pricing and the availability for the items we are ordering.  She does any task that is asked of her and completes them with a positive attitude.  With the recent retirement of Sandy, Lynn was pivotal in helping Technical Services with the transition of placing firm orders.  She built on some limited experience she gained with Sandy to help the ordering staff identify ways to make the process more efficient.
Lynn is no stranger to working in a library.  Prior to working at the Rod Library, she worked in another library in the Technical Services department.  Her previous experience in a library and her affinity for reading books is what drew her to working at the Rod Library.
Lynn is majoring in psychology.  Sadly, at least for the staff here at the library, Lynn plans on graduating in December 2010.  She eventually would like to go to graduate school for social work, but her immediate plans are to find a job.  She would like to work in the area of helping families of domestic violence.
Lynn is very active within the UNI community.  For 2 years, she was president of SAVE, Students Against a Violent Environment, and currently is secretary for this organization.  She is an avid Panther fan with hopes of getting on ESPN someday with her cheering spirit.  When she finds additional free time, she likes to watch sports, read, and is a self-proclaimed “Frank Lloyd Wright nerd.”  She has visited the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Quasqueton so often, that she got a job on the weekends giving tours!! 
Congratulations Lynn on being a very deserving student of the month!


by Angie Cox