September 2013 Student of the Month


Michelle is the Rod Library’s Student of the Month for September 2013. Michelle is from Guttenberg, Iowa, located on the mighty Mississippi. She initially came to UNI as an Elementary Education major, but soon found a new calling and is pursuing a Public Administration major, with a Human Resources emphasis. Michelle is currently a junior and plans to graduate in May 2015, so the library is more than happy to have her stick around for a few more semesters.

Michelle has worked at the Rod Library since 2011, when she started as a freshman. According to Michelle, it was a conversation her parents had with Julie Williamson during orientation that put her on the path to employment in the library. Now we see where you get your smarts, Michelle! Michelle works in Reference & Instructional Services, and her duties there include staffing the Reference Desk, assisting patrons, answering phone calls and keeping printers supplied with paper and toner. This year Michelle is also in charge of maintaining the Government Documents area. This involves checking shelves and labels, reshelving items, and training new students how to reshelve using the seemingly inscrutable SuDocs call number system. Michelle says helping patrons with research is her favorite part of the job because she has been in the same position of needing help, and she likes to pass along the hints she has learned. On the flip side, she says that filling the printers is her least favorite job because if you mess it up it leads to more printer jams. Michelle notes that with second-floor renovations, it seems that the printers in the area have been busier than ever. Overall, Michelle says she really likes working in the library and the opportunities the position has provided her.

Away from her job and studies, Michelle likes to spend time reading and participating in outdoor activities. Growing up with the Mississippi in her backyard, it’s easy to see why spending time on the family boat and fishing with her dad are high on the list of Michelle’s favorite things to do. After graduation, Michelle would like to find a position in human resources, perhaps with John Deere & Company. Wherever her career takes her, we know she will do very well. Thanks for being such a good employee, Michelle, and congratulations for being chosen September 2013 Rod Library Student of the Month.