Technical Services Department


The Technical Services Department is divided into three main sections; Acquisitions, Financial/Supplies, and Ordering/Cataloging. The Acquisitions Section acquires material in all formats and languages for locations throughout the Rod Library. Acquisitions also processes all incoming and outgoing mail for the Library; maintains accurate records for the check-in and withdrawal of periodicals, newspapers and serials; claims titles not received; and prepares material for binding, including theses and dissertations. They also evaluate books in need of mending and do minor repairs.  In addition, the Acquisition section helps in the receipt and management of electronic titles and provides for digitization of the collection.  The Ordering/Cataloging section initiates and places orders for many library materials; creates, verifies, and organizes individual records for library materials into the integrated catalog database; physically processes and maintains Library materials; and provides and maintains access to electronic resources.  The Financial/Supplies section manages the license agreements, the budgets and financial reports for library materials, and purchases supplies and equipment. 

Typical student responsibilities in the Technical Services Department include, checking in periodical and newspaper issues, ordering and receiving supplies, sorting and distributing mail coming into the library, packaging and sending out mail, and processing materials for binding and searching on UNISTAR. Other student responsibilities include processing procedures such as applying spine labels, property stamps and date due slips, barcoding bound periodicals and creating item records in UNISTAR, assisting with authority control tasks, and online work and physical preparation for transferring and withdrawing materials.