Panther Prowler vs. Individual Databases

Panther Prowler’s main strength is that it can search several databases at once.  All of the results are displayed in one list, which can be sorted by Relevance, Date, Title, or Author.  The searcher can decide to search databases in a subject area, or just keep to the default option, Basic Resources.  It is best to use Panther Prowler when you are exploring a topic to see the scope of what has been published using certain keywords.  Narrower, more specific searches can also work well in Panther Prowler, but it may be necessary to search several different subject categories to find results on some topics.

It’s best to search in individual databases from the Databases A-Z list when you want to refine your search in ways that are not possible in Panther Prowler.  For example, many databases allow you to limit your search to eliminate book reviews and other types of brief articles from the results.  You can also try individual databases when you know of a good database for a certain subject, and if you are getting too many irrelevant results with the Panther Prowler searches.