When writing, giving a presentation, or creating an online document,
it is essential that you either:

* Use your own ideas.


* Give proper credit when using the ideas, images, or creations of others.

Failure to do so (plagiarism) is unethical and can result in significant penalties.

(See UNI Academic Ethics/Discipline -


Think before you write --  Think Twice Before You Plagiarize!

A few simple practices can help you avoid plagiarism.

1. Start your projects early.

2. Get feedback from others before your project is finished.

3. Work with the professionals on campus –

          * The UNIWritingCenter -

          * The UNI Library -

          * Your Professor

4. Understand what is considered plagiarism – ignorance is not bliss.  There are a number of very good academic websites that define plagiarism.  These sites also provide examples of what is and isn’t plagiarism –

* “Avoiding Cut and Paste Plagiarism with Citations”  (from Plagiarism Tutorial for    Students – PennStateUniversity)

* “How to Avoid Plagiarism” (from Undergraduate Academic Conduct Committee – Northwestern University)

* “Is It Plagiarism Yet?” (from Avoiding Plagiarism – The OWL at PurdueUniversity)

* “Plagiarism”  (from The WritingCenter – University of North Carolina)

* “Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It” (from Writing Tutorial Services – Indiana University)

* “Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources” (from The Writing Center – University of Wisconsin)

* “Safe Practices” (from Avoiding Plagiarism – The OWL at Purdue University)


5. When it’s time to do the Write thing - - do the Right thing! 
Your professors have read thousands of papers and are very quick to spot plagiarism.