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October 2007

New Copyright Brochure

Rod Library presents a new resource for teaching faculty that promotes a positive approach to understanding copyright. The brochure, "Know Your Copyrights - What You Can Do", provides tips for faculty and teaching assistants in higher education about how they may legally use works in their teaching without requesting permission or paying additional fees. An Association of Research Libraries brochure was modified, with permission, by Rod Library to include local information. The brochure can be found at /copyright/copybroch.pdf

Library Survey Report 2007

In February 2007 Rod Library invited people across the university community to participate in a user assessment survey (LibQUAL+). Many of you responded, and a library committee has been using the results to find out which resources and services are most important to you. We have set up a website to report the results to you. Currently, you can find information on the survey itself, and demographics of participants. We will be adding more information in the coming weeks.

Q&A: Where do you find financial statements for privately held companies?

Privately held companies are not required to file financial disclosure documents with government regulators such as the SEC, so detailed financials usually are not readily available to the public. Company profile sources may provide private company information such as sales, number of employees, number of stores if a retailer, and other general indicators. Journal and newspaper articles about a given company may give some general financials.

Article Locator

If you already have the citation to a journal article and are wondering if it is online, try Article Locator, listed on the Rod Library home page under Journal and Magazine Articles. Enter the journal title, such as Journal of Marketing, and other details about the article, such as date of publication, volume number, and starting page number. Clicking the Go button will bring up a window that indicates whether Rod Library has rights to an online version of the article or journal.

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