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September 2012

Rod Library welcomes UNI families!

UNI Family Weekend

 Rod Library welcomes Panther families to campus this weekend!  Stop on in to the library where we will be having a raffle for prizes.  One lucky parent and one lucky student will win a prize.  Come on in for a self-guided tour and make sure to stop by our new open space on the 2nd floor where our new learning commons will be.  You could even give suggestions on the flip charts for what would be great to have in the space.  Hope to see you here!

Business Insights: Global Replaces Business & Company Resource Center

The publisher of Business & Company Resource Center has replaced it with an upgraded, expanded database called Business Insights: Global. This new database is now listed on Rod Library pages such as Databases A-Z and the Business Portal. This link will work both on campus and off campus (after CatID login): Business Insights: Global


According to the database publisher, the Business Insights: Global content includes the following:

What is a Learning Commons?

In our earlier blog entry of the day, we asked for input from you on what you would like to see in our new Learning Commons area located behind the Reference desk on the 2nd (main) floor of Rod Library.  Below, the concept of the learning commons is explained.  We hope this will give you an understanding of what a learning commons is and what Rod Library hopes to do with it. 

We want your ideas!!!

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Welcome back! Hope you are all having a great fall semester so far! If you haven't already noticed, there is an area behind the Reference desk on the 2nd (main) floor that will be transformed into a new learning commons area.  

We want your ideas! Please tell us what you want to see added to the space!  How can you give us your ideas?

We have a flip board in the Learning Commons area (located behind the Reference Desk)  for you to write your ideas down on.  

Repair Work

We currently have some people from the Physical Plant working on repairing a bathroom on the west side of the building (Campanile Side). To do this work, they needed to shut water off on the West side of the building.

No water will be available in restrooms, drinking fountains or sinks until they are finished. The restrooms and drinking fountains on the EAST side (facing the union) are available for use.

We will let you know when the water on the west side has been turned on again. 


Update!  We are back in business!