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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Arend J. Abbas Dancer Hall Custodian
Roy L. Abbott Biology Faculty
Ethel E. Abkes Food Service Staff
DeAlda R. Ackerman Business Office Staff
Ethel Ackerman Mail Center Clerk
Grace Johanna Hovenga Adelmund Housekeeping Staff
Alison E. Aitchison Geography Faculty
Joyce Elaine Alberts Counseling Staff; Library Staff
Lyle K. Alberts Political Science Faculty
James E. Albrecht Laboratory School Faculty
Avis F. Aldrich Purchasing Department Clerk
John Freeman Aldrich Laboratory School Faculty
Homer Wendell Alford Library Faculty
Susan Martha Allbee Sociology Faculty
Charles F. Allegre Biology Faculty
Mildred Allegre Registrar Staff
Rachel Ambrose Custodian
Annelore H. Anderson Library Staff
Betty Anderson College of Business Administration Staff
Edwin P. Anderson Laboratory Technician