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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Lucile E. Anderson Laboratory School Faculty
Mary C. Anderson Laboratory School Faculty
Oliver M. Anderson Business Education Faculty
Paul W. Anderson Boiler Plant Operator
Phyllis T. Glenn Anderson Secretarial Staff
Ruth Bluford Anderson Social Work Faculty
Robert W. Andorf Custodian
Harry E. Andreessen Custodian
LaVerne William Andreessen Accounting Faculty
Gerald V. Anglum Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Nancy Aossey Alumna
Amy F. Arey Education Faculty
Melvin F. Arey Natural Science Faculty
Eugene W. Arnold Storekeeper
Wayne O. Aurand Laboratory School Faculty
Bart A. Austhof Library Faculty
Donald D. Avenson Political Leader
Charles H. Bailey Industrial Arts Faculty
Edward L. Bailey Campus Services Supervisor
James L. Bailey Treasurer