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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Betty L. Eland Academic Advising Staff
Ivan L. Eland Education Faculty
Bernard F. Eliason Painter
Robert Eller Education Faculty
Gregory Elliott Custodian
Mary Engen Associate Registrar
Rex B. Eno Alumnus
Carl H. Erbe Government Faculty
Barbara Jane Erickson Public Relations Staff
Harley Elwood Erickson Education Faculty
Russell E. Euchner Education Faculty
Nevlyn Evans Bureau of Research Staff
Wayne R. Evenson Business Faculty
Rollin G. Evers Public Safety Director
W. Brock Fagan English Faculty
Ralph R. Fahrney History Faculty
Ruth G. Fairbanks Academic Publications Editor
Laura E. Falkler English Faculty
Julie E. Fankhauser Secretarial Staff
Freda Fasse Cook