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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Donald Lee Hanson Education Faculty
Robert W. Hanson Chemistry Faculty
Roger Hanson Physics Faculty
Rose L. Hanson Laboratory School Faculty
Suzanne Malve Conklin Happ Music Faculty
William Peter Happ Laboratory School Faculty
Cecile Marie Hare Student Services Secretary
Jan Kae Harken Modern Languages Secretary
Henry C. Harmon Athletic Trainer
Leone M. Harms Alumna; UNI Foundation Board
Corinne Harper Laboratory School Faculty
Wilma Michael Harper Residence Hall Staff
Gordon Mackenzie Harrington Psychology Faculty
Henry B. Harris Music Faculty
Ida Fay Pew Hart Art Faculty
Irving H. Hart Extension Faculty, University Archivist
Robert A. Hartman Director of Residence
Frank C. Hartwell Laboratory School Faculty
Laura S. Hartwell Administrative Staff
Ralph W. Haskell Art Faculty