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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Lawrence A. Kelsey Earth Science Faculty
Paul C. Kelso Counseling Director; Institutional Research
Jean T. Kennedy English Faculty
Verna Kennedy Business Office Staff
James W. Kercheval Chemistry Faculty
Anthony E. Kerns Building Services Coordinator
John Frederick Ketter Maucker Union Director
Rosemary Kettler Storekeeper
Annabelle V. Kikendall Food Service Supervisor
Jack F. Kimball Education Faculty
Jimmie L. Smith King Custodian
John Lynden Kirby Geography Faculty
Evelyn B. Knapp Placement Staff
John Baptist Knoepfler German Faculty
Glenn L. Knoll Locksmith
Howard T. Knutson Dean, College of Education
Dorothy May Koehring Laboratory School Faculty
Ruth E. Koeppel Rider Hall Secretary
William Koll Wrestling Coach
Kathy Konigsmark Athletics Staff