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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Robert E. Kramer Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
James P. Krogh Plant Services Driver Mechanic
Kenneth V. Krumlinde Plant Services Vehicle Operator
Julianne Kuchenreuther Maucker Union Staff
Ray Kuehl Student Field Experience Faculty
Edward Frampton Kurtz Music Faculty
Joanna Kyle Training School Faculty
Leonard Lahmon Physical Plant Staff
Emma F. Lambert Mathematics Faculty
Tom A. Lamke Coordinator of Research
William C. Lang Vice President, History Faculty
Amanda O. Langemo English Faculty
Cyrus W. Lantz Biology Faculty
Geraldine LaRocque English Faculty
Edith F. Larsen Health Services Staff
Margaret Larsen Education Faculty
Kenneth Lash Art Faculty
Isabelle Latch English Department Secretary
Orval Ray Latham President
William Peters Latham Music Faculty