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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Marion Blair Building Services Staff
James T. Blanford Accounting Faculty
Mary Evelyn Blanford Business Education Faculty
Gwendolyn Bloomfield School of Music Secretary
Carl A. Bluedorn Businessman, Philanthropist
Irene Edna Blum Food Service Staff
Madie G. Blum Food Service Staff
Benjamin Boardman Business Manager
Emil William Bock Music Faculty
James E. Bodensteiner Dean of Continuing Education
Esther Boehlje Education Faculty
Delores I. Boesen Lawther Hall Secretary
Goldie F Boggs Custodian
Eldon Boldt Physical Plant Staff
Phyllis Bolte Health Center Nursing Coordinator
E. Jean Bontz Physical Education Faculty
Alice G. Boomer Bartlett Hall Matron
Donald Raymond Boss Purchasing Agent
Stanley Eugene Boyd Maintenance Staff
Don Briggs Wrestling Coach