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UNI Biographical Sketches

Name Position
Hsi-Ling Cheng History Faculty
Susan M. Chilcott Public Relations Staff
Willard L. Child Physical Plant Staff
Grant Christensen Construction Project Manager/Inspector
Pauline E. Christensen Secretary
Marian L. Christopher Chemistry Stockroom Supervisor
Richard D. Christopher Carpenter
Roy Chung Geography Faculty
James R. Clark Physical Education Faculty
Robert Edwin Clark Geography Faculty
Robert Eugene Claus Sociology Faculty
Bernard L. Clausen Biology Faculty
Scharron Clayton Associate Professor, Ethnic and Cultural Studies
Dale M. Coates Heating Plant Staff
Velma Marie Coen Laboratory School Staff
James A. Coffin Music Faculty
Agnes B. Cole Art Faculty
Eldon E. Cole Physical Plant Director
Reherda W. Cole Health Services Staff
M. Jeanne Collinge International Studies Staff