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19/06 Alumni Photograph and Memorabilia Collections

Description of Collections

Aldred, Arline

Scrapbook of pictures and memorabilia


Scrapbook of informal photographs, circa 1913

Scrapbook pages (loose) from albumn, circa 1917

Arthur, Jesse

Scrapbook pages of pictures and memorabilia, circa 1914

Austin, W.S.

  • Christmas Concert program, 1904
  • "Constitution and By-Laws of the Philomathean Society," 1899
  • The Globe Commencement Issue, June 12, 1902
  • Philomathean Literary Society, photograph, 1901
  • "Twenty-first Triangular Debate," 2 programs, 1900
  • YWCA cabinet, photograph, 1902
  • Newspaper clipping of new chapel dedication
  • Program from the annual recital of the Elocutionary and Musical Departments of Ellsworth College
  • 2 photographs

Barnes, Frances Leone Dunn

Miscellaneous dance invitations and cards from Tau Sigma Delta, Alpha Chi Epsilon, Lambda Gamma Nu, Tau Sigma, Alpha Xi Delta, and Delta Phi Delta.

Alpha Beta Gamma material including pledge letter, Homecoming invitation, song books, General Committee Member button, and dance cards for Pledge Dances, Fall Dances, Winter Dances, and Spring Formals, 1933-1934.

Tally cards for bridge games (3)

Unofficial report card, Fall Term, 1931.

Invitations and program (1933 only) for graduating class dinners, 1933 and 1934.

Commencement Program, May 1933.

Admission ticket to Commencement courtesy of Florence Triscik.

Dance cards for Christmas dances (1931, 1932), Homecoming (1932, 1933), and Senior Prom, (1933).

Open house invitation from President and Mrs. Latham to the graduating class of   March,1933.

Invitations from the College Club and Cliosophic Literary Society (1931).

Program for Kindergarten Banquet - April 22, 1932.

Girls' Club Program book, 1934-1935.

Program from Mother's Day Luncheon, 1933.

Miscellaneous place cards.

Dance cards for Femme Fancy dance (1934) and Washington Ball (1932-1934).

Orchesis programs - 1932 & 1934.

Minnesingers and Cecilians Annual Concert program, 1932.

Nevada Van der Veer concert program.

Tutor Ticklers programs, 1932 & 1934.

English Department play production programs, 1931-1934.

Postcard, aerial view of Iowa State Teachers College.

I.S.T.C. Homecoming button.

Football schedule for 1931 (2).

Miscellaneous greeting cards and shower invitations (7).

Song and worship sheets (3).

Unidentified program

Unidentified photo

Postcard packet of the Bily Clocks, Ridgeway, Iowa.

Christmas Card, 1933.

Graduation announcements, memory scrapbook, and concert, church, and play programs, Galesburg High School and Galesburg, Illinois.

Music programs, sorority invitations, Constitution of the Women's Self-Government Associaiton, report card of June 1931, tuition receipts of 1930 & 1932, and commencement program (1931) of Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois.

Barnett, E. Frances

Lecture notes from Mr. Seerley's lectures, Fall, 1899

Belshaw, Bernice Bruce

12 programs from various musical recitals and concerts from 1914

2 play programs, 1914

Program from the 21st Annual Oratorical Contest, January 22, 1914

May Day Program

Annual Demonstration of the Department of Physical Education program, March 6, 1914

Program from the Dedication of Homerian and Irving Society Hall, October 24, 1914

Black, Nell Woods

Scrapbook of pictures and memorabilia

Blumer, George Leroy

Photographs taken during his time at the Teachers College, 1933

Boone, Luke Llewellyn

Journalism Work Book by Professor G. H. Holmes

Guide to the Study of American History to 1865 by Professor Ralph R. Fahrney

Guide to the Study of American History Since 1865 by Professor Ralph R. Fahrney

Sheet of I.S.T.C. yells and fight songs

I.S.T.C. freshmen baseball numerals

Sucker's Supper program, May 17, 1938

Small University of Northern Iowa Banner

Notes on Parliamentary Law by Professor G. C. Robinson

Script to "Au Restaurant Du Lapin Blanc"

Script to "Toc, Toc Toc! Cupidon, Dentiste"

"The Class of 1939 -- B. C. (Before Computers)"

Bowes, Margaret--1905-06

4 photographs

1 program (general pupils recital in the Music Department, 1905)

1 newsclipping (about the recital)

Bradley, Frances

Newsclipping about Frances Bradley's role in "Carmen"

The opera "Martha", March 12, 13, 1936, program

"Carmen", March 11, 12, 1937, program

Brett, Charlotte Mae

Class notebooks:

  • Nature Study Class, Fall, 1925
  • Interior Decoration, Spring, 1932
  • General Design, Winter, 1932-33
  • Commercial Illustration, Winter, 1932-33
  • Principles in Fundamentals
  • Primary Illustrative
  • Language the Basic Subject
  • Historical Geography

Bryant, Ruth


Canfield Papers

Perry E. Canfield's notebook for Physiology, 1889

Letter from Lucy Canfield, 1886

Lucy Canfield's autograph album, 1883-89

Photograph, Lucy Canfield Whitney

Postmaster Certificate, 1893, New Hartford, Lee Canfield

Teacher's Certificates, Lee Canfield, 1885-88

Teaching Contracts: Lucy Canfield, Dayton Township, April 18, 1891; and Perry Canfield, Franklin Township, April 9, 1892

Perry E. Canfield's Teacher's Certificates:

  • March 29, 1890 Second Class
  • September 27, 1890 Second Class
  • November 25, 1892 Second Class
  • April 1, 1892 Second Class
  • August 25, 1893 Second Class
  • September 28, 1894 First Class

Examination Results, Perry E. Canfield, 1890 and 1894

How to Teach Geography, Perry E. Canfield, 1894

Letters: from Lucy to Folks, 1886; from Lee Canfield to Lucy, 1887; from Perry to Brother Cale, 1892


  • Adams, Daniel. (mathematics textbook), 1842
  • Baker, Margaret. School-Room Calisthenics
  • Cutter, Calvin. Second Book on Analytic Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene Human and Comparative, 1871
  • Goff, Milton B. A Book of Arithmetical Problems, 1877
  • Greenleaf. Practical Arithmetic
  • Harris, William T., Rickoff, Andrew J., Bailey, Mark. Appletons' School Readers. The Fifth Reader, 1881
  • Hinman, Russell. Electic Physical Geography, 1888.
  • Hughes, James L. Mistakes in Teaching, 1889.
  • Jenkins, John S. The Life of John Caldwell Calhoun.
  • Monteith, James. Manuel of Geography, 1861.
  • Peck, William G. Introductory Course of Natural Philosophy, 1873.
  • Popular Educator, 1894.
  • Pratt, Mara L. American History Stories, v. I, 1890.
  • Pratt, Mara L. American History Stories, v. II, 1890.
  • Pratt, Mara L. American History Stories, v. III, 1890.
  • Pratt, Mara L. American History Stories, v. IV, 1890.
  • Reed, Alonzo and Kellogg, Brainerd. Higher Lessons in English, 1885.
  • Van Waters, George. The Poetical Geography, 1863.
  • Webster, Noah. Dictionary for Primary Schools, 1844.
  • White, Emerson E. School Management, 1893.
  • Wright, D. Sands. Teachers; Hand Book of Arithmetic, 1888.

Charlson, John E.

Invitation to President Latham's "at home" for spring 1937 graduates, May 1937

Beta Beta Beta membership certificate, January 1937

Lambda Delta Lambda membership certificate

47th Annual Spring Concert, Cecilians and Minnesingers, April 9, 1936, program

Minnesingers spring concert program, 1936

Minnesingers concert program, April 1, 1937

Minnesinger spring tour program, 1937

Conger, Agnes E.

ISTC Diploma, 1934

Copp, Clara Esther

Sigma Tau Delta Constitution, 1928

Sigma Tau Delta Certificate, 1929

Sigma Tau Delta Initiation Ceremony

2 pins

The Rectangle. The official publication of Sigma Tau Delta, January, 1932; November, 1932: Autumn, 1936.

Commencement Programs, 1921, 1929

Diploma, 1929

Teachers Certificate, 1939

Musical Program, 1929

Countryman, Elizabeth

Teacher of Kindergarten; Elizabeth T. Countryman; August 24, 1915; Iowa State Teachers College of Cedar Falls, Iowa (diploma)

Primary Teacher; Elizabeth T. Countryman; August 24, 1915; Iowa State Teachers College of Cedar Falls, Iowa (diploma)

Elementary Teacher; Daisy Leora Countryman; July 22, 1910; Iowa State Teachers College of Cedar Falls, Iowa (diploma)

Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Education; Daisy Leora Countryman; August 29, 1916; Iowa State Teachers College of Cedar Falls, Iowa (diploma)

Teacher of Home Economics; Daisy Leora Countryman; June 6, 1916; Iowa State Teachers College of Cedar Falls, Iowa (diploma)

Panoramic view of ISTC campus, 1915

Photo of graduation class of 1916

Cowan, Clay

Letter, October 30, 1960

Homecoming ribbon

Doering, Helen Miller

Letter, October 2, 1995


Dyson, Helen Shields (Class of 1929)

2 CDs of pictures, receipts, and certificates of Helen Shields time at the Iowa State Teachers College created by her daughter Jacqueline Dyson..


Edgar, Lois Martha

Photo Album, 1922-1923

Engelkes, Johanna

Notebook kept in a Shakespeare class taught by Professor Samuel Adams Lynch, probably early or mid-1930s


Erickson, Beatrice

8 pictures

3 restaurant menus

Enrollment receipts

Zetalethean invitations

Bus and Train Schedule, 1920

Fluckey, Abbie, 1898-1899

Teacher's Second Class Certificate, July 31, 1899

Letter of Reference from A.W. Rich to Whom it May Concern, June 30, 1898

Gardiner, Sybil Lincoln

Photographs of King Club boarding house and friends

Postcards of Cedar Falls scenes including Women's Gymnasium, railroad train on tracks south of Cedar River, the Illinois Central Railroad bridge over the Cedar River, and the corner of 24th and Olive Streets

1906 Commencement program

Oratorical Association photo, including Sybil Lincoln1906

Group of women, including Sybil Lincoln, photo

Alumni Association reunion program, 1960

Geise, Edith Farber

Student's Notes, 1903

Letter, October 9, 1959

Gordon, Mary


Gosden, Emily, 1881

6 family photos

1881 class stone

Photocopy of 1881 commencement program

Photocopy of 1881 class song

Family history

2 teaching certificates

Harryman, Harold

1936 leatherbound Commencement booklet

Expense ledger, 1930-1931

Hefti, Wilma

Scrapbook from June 4 - August 22, 1924 of photos and memorabilia

3 rolled panoramic photo lithographs from fall and summer 1922

Huntley, Ray S.

Gymnasium Hand Book, December 19, 1907

Imlay, Jane

17 photographs (one dated 1917)

Receipts, 1918-1921

Johnson, Muriel Draper

Large scrapbook with many informal photographs, including some of the campus in about 1913

Jones, David Tracy

Receipts, 1922-1923

Military Training records, 1918-1920

Teaching contracts, 1919, 1920

Teacher's Certificates, 1919, 1920, 1922

ISTC and Military scrapbook, 1918

Keyes, Robert

1939 freshman track team photograph

1940 varsity track team photograph

1940 football team photograph

1941 varsity track team photograph

1941 Iowa Teachers Relays program

Athletics brochure

Graph paper from Berg & Berg

1940 Phi Sigma Epsilon photograph

1941 Phi Sigma Epsilon photograph

Phi Sigma Epsilon newsletter

1992 Signet

3 ISTC post cards

Knudsen, Shirley May Foster

Extensive scrapbook collection of programs, correspondence, records of social activities, and souvenirs, 1956-1958

Loepp, Marie

Picture of faculty, 1903

McCann, Coyla Boyd

Student Identification card - 1949

Campanile pin from Iowa State College

Miscellaneous registration, membership, student identification, receipts, dormitory receipts, room assignments, food service, gymnasium cards.

Iowa State Teachers College evaluation of high school credits

Iowa State Teachers College check sheet for the Home Economics Department

Credit Balance Sheet

Syllabus of Organizations at Iowa State Teachers College

Student handbook - 1947-1948

Placemat from Homecoming October 31, 1953

Anna B. Lawther Hall information concerning facilities, service, and house regulations 1948-1949

Sports schedule

Play program from 1948

Campus map

Armistice Day program November 11, 1947

Religious Emphasis Week program from November 9-12, 1947

Class cards

Matriculation convocation program from Friday, June 4, 1948

Invitations for commencement

Home Economics newsletters

McColm, Thelma Vincent

Box 1

Memory scrapbook

Box 2

68 photographs

Letter from Hoyt Curtis, July 6, 1921

Wedding shower invitation from Mrs. A. Wagner for Mrs. Francis Wagner

Wedding invitation of Blanche Thompson and Francis Wagner, July 20, 1921

Statement of Absence, May 27, 1921 and January 23, 1922

Homecoming dance card, 1922

Miscellaneous favors

Receipt for tuition, March 9, 1921

Armistice Day program, November 11, 1921

Schedule card, summer term, June 1, 1921

Schedule card, fall term, September 7, 1921

Schedule card, winter term, November 30, 1921

Schedule card, spring term, March 8, 1922

Silent reading test score card

Advertisment for Minnesingers Concert

Bus schedule, Waterloo-Cedar Falls, 1921

Thorndike-McCall Reading Scale score sheet

Invitation to join the Shakespearean Society

Minnesingers concert program,

"Yokohoma Maid" program, Teachers College High School, 1921

18th Annual Music Festival program

"Trial by Jury" program, Teachers College High School, 1922

Colonial Tea Room advertisement

Homecoming program

ISTC Graduation invitation, May 1922

Homecoming program, ISTC vs. Upper Iowa

Church class schedule, Cedar Falls churches, October 1917 - June 1918

"The Girl From Babylon" play program, American Legion, February 15-16, 1922

Playbill of "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Miscellaneous clippings of movies

McManus, George H.

Letters from James Alderson, Class of 1887 (4), including one envelope

Letter and envelope from Alumni Office concerning Class of 1927's 25th anniversary

Proposals of the Alumni Action Committee from December 7, 1951 and April 14, 1952 meetings

Brochure for 75th Anniversary entitled "Five Major Events Commemorating the Anniversary Year"

Letter from Alumni Office dated May 6, 1952

Program of the 69th Annual Reunion of Alumni and Faculty, June 1, 1952

Campus Map

"Reminiscences by a Member of the Class of 1902", Willis T. Wolfe

Handwritten listing of the member of the Class of 1887

Listing of names (possibly identifying individuals in a picture)

Madson, Leah

2 photographs

Class notebook

Chrestomathian program


The Chresto Chronicle, April 11, 1908 (handwritten)

3 letters from President Seerley

Mason, Marguerite

College scrapbook, with receipts, photos, programs, 1932-1935

Gradebooks, teaching notes, schoolwork from Tama County, Lincoln School #4, 1935-1939

Notebook from Drawing I class

Mathews-Hoffman, Alta


Program, eighth annual concert by Minnesingers, February 16, 1906

Obituary of M. H. Hoffman, February 5, 1931


Middleton, Mildred

Correspondence with H. Roger Grant

Phonograph disc--Army Air Corps, May 18, 1943

Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School staff book, 1976

Material related to Mildred Middleton's extensive professional work in the teaching of spelling

1942 Old Gold

College Symphony Orchestra Spring Festival concert program, May 13, 1943

Beta Alpha Epsilon program, 1941-1942

Photograph albums:  Mildred Middleton's 90th birthday celebration, July 10, 2003; UNI Cadre Conference, April 17, 2003, Davenport, Iowa; Mildred L. Middleton Cadre Conference, April 13, 14, 2000, Cedar Falls, Iowa; undated conference album

Miller, Geraldine Schmitt

Notebook pertaining to observations made in Laboratory School c. 1936.

Mills, Lucinda Hall

5 photographs

Muhs Family Collection, 1893-1915

Natzke, Celia

ISTC wax seal

Oleson, Florence Faulks


Peak, Louisa


Podaril, Bessie

Scrapbook of pictures and memorabilia, 1922-1924

Portz, Helen C.

11 pictures

Commencement booklet, 1915.

Radell, Neva, 1913-1918

Read, Mary Jo

1927 high school graduate of ISTC Training School

1931 ISTC graduate


  • Training School graduation announcement, 1927
  • "What About Bobbed Hair?" printed and distributed by a campus religious group
  • Cedar Falls Woman's Club House Dedication Dinner program, September 26, 1929
  • "Tutor Ticklers of 1931"
  • Homecoming mementos
  • ISTC Training School mementos
  • Programs of plays, concerts, conventions, etc.
  • T.C. high school song and yells
  • Senior Class song of 1927
  • Salutatory speech by Mary Read
  • Training School savings band book
  • 1926-7 report card
  • The College Hi Light, April 23, 1926

Photo of ISTC student body (included are the Training School children located in the lower, left-hand corner), 1922

Words and music to the Iowa State Teachers College song (with pictures of campus scenes)

Member list for Faculty Dames, 1930-31 (includes organizational songs)

Play Craft programs, 1930

Concert programs, 1932&33

Theater production programs, 1932

Photos of drama productions

Membership receipt for the Iowa State Teachers Assoc., 1933

Alpha Literary Society Manual, 1929

Drama reading lists

Readings by various students with the judges; ratings

Richardson, Bernice

Scrapbook of college days, 1921-1923

Rigter, Marie A.

Scrapbook of college days

Robinson, Chloris Anderson, 1954-55

5 pictures with descriptions and dates


Robinson, Florence Sage Nylin

"My Memory Book" scrapbook, 1912-1915

Rummells, Amanda

"Beat Luther" ribbon

Tuition Fee Receipt

Sage, Laverne

"Golden Memories" article in Iowa's Golden Age, March, 1994

Salyers, Ida Ruby (1915-1917)

Scrapbook, including photos of students and campus, and programs from musical recitals, concerts and other events.

Schaefer, Carmen Williams

Letter, October 2, 1995


Shaffer Sisters, Charlotte and Charleen

Cassette tape recording of two songs

Sherman, Lois

Mandolin Club concert program

Pupils' recital program

Gymnasium open afternoon programs

Baccalaureate program

Second annual oratorical contest program

Clio public session program

Thirteenth annual inter-state preliminary oratorical contest program

Chrestomathian public session program

May Music Festival program

3 advertisements

Wells Fargo receipt

Sidey, Irene M.

6 pictures

Coupon Meal Book

2 Class Cards

Enrollment Card

Statement of Absence and Approved Absence Slip

Reading Room Slip

Simonsen, Mrs. H. G.

Notes from Griffith-Thomas Lectures on Studies in Romans

Spies, Naomi M.

Commencement Programs, 1927--with picture of Naomi M. Spies

Baccalaureate Address, "The End Crowns the Work," by President Seerley, 1927

May Day Program, 1926

14 pictures of student activities

Class cards, Sp.,1927, Fall, 1926

Receipts of tuition fee and room deposit, 1926

Copy of the Loyalty Song of I.S.T.C.

Pictures of the Cecilians and the Minnesingers, 1927

Alumni Breakfast Menu, 1927

A program for "The Dance," presented by members of Orchesis

Manual of the Alpha Literary Society

Alpha Program, 1926

Stewart, Anna

4 pictures

Stillinger, Okley P.

"The Spirit of Fifty Years," pageant by James Hearst

Commencement program, summer 1926

Musical and church programs

The College Eye, May 19, 1926

Dance program

Receipts, cards, ticket stubs

Stolze, Henry Kenneth

An informational letter sent to Gerald L. Peterson, University of Northern Iowa Archivist, April 25, 1978

Receipt of a $2.00 State Certificate Fee, March 16, 1928

Class Record used during student teaching, 1927

28 interesting pictures of various on-and -off campus activities, 1926-28

Three page paper, "Men's Rooming Houses at I.S.T.C. Fifty Years Ago"

Stone, Katherine A.

I.S.T.C. commencement announcement, August, 1943

Strawn James, c. 1903-1907

16 photos: baseball, football, boxing, track

2 postcards: smokestack, science laboratory and gymnasium

Certificate of earning athletic letter "N"

Strohbehn, Alice Lynde

Mathematics notebook

Notebook on grammar, narcotics, art, gymnastics, temperance, and autographs and greetings of classmates, 1888-1890

Strohbehn, Vallie

2 pages from a scrapbook

Sucher-Kroesen-Jebe Collection

 Sucher, Richard C. (1911-1989); Sucher, Luella Grace Kroesen (1881-1978); Sucher, Harvey Ernest (1874-1957)

Box 1

  • Gold medal, Chicagoland Festival
  • Large photo, Cedar Falls Band, 1924
  • 2 newspaper clippings about Cedar Falls Band
  • 1903 band photo
  • Photo of Weisbard Planing Mill

50 year medal (framed)

Box 1

  • Photo of Luella, about college age, white collar
  • Obituary
  • Envelope telling of school days
  • White ceramic ash tray or dish with photo on it
  • Campus photo, 1897
  • Grace Kroesen and Lulu Brown outside 250 Olive Street, 1903
  • Photo of Grace Sucher in 1950

Cunard Anchor Line - Contract (framed), Orchestra members listed, 1934

Purple felt banner - ISTC + metal brackets given to Richard to display above the band (corner near photocopy machine)

Box 2

  • Orchestra members - students or recent graduates of ISTC (Richard finished November, 1933)
  • Large folder - ISTC programs, Student Life, etc.
  • Yearbooks - UNI (2); CF High (2); Wales High School (2); song book(Box 3)
  • Received 3-25-93: Photo of Richard and Florence Sucher, Golden Wedding Anniversary, June 1989

Box 3

  • 4-h scrapbook
  • High school diploma, CF High
  • Sinfonia initiation paddle (returned to Richard Sucher)
  • 40 year medal (framed)
  • Framed photo - Campus Playboys--members' names are on Cunard contract (returned)
  • Framed photo - Campus Playboy Band (returned)
  • Minnesingers photo, 1931-1934
  • Graduation programs, 1933 (2)
  • Sinfonia Life Membership certificate
  • ISTC diploma (Richard)
  • Sinfonia election - charter member, 1931
  • Hill Scholarship certificate, 1973
  • Obituary (sentence 2 - add "businessman" + memorial card)
  • Certificated from ME Church
  • Troubador photo, 1930
  • Phi Tau Theta national meeting, 1931
  • Added 1-25-93: 2 photos of campus, 1932-33; Photo of Francis Rummell, 1932 Homecoming; Photo of Richard C. Sucher, 1932 Homecoming; Photo of Melvin Field and Richard D. Sucher, 1932 Homecoming; 2 photocopied pages from album showing exterior and interior of house at 2523 Olive Street and of Mary and Grace Kroesen
  • Received 7-12-93: Photo of ISTC concert band, 1930; photo of ISTC symphony, 1934

Box 4

  • Silver cup - Champion Dairy Demonstration Team
  • Richard Sucher and Mary Cunningham
  • Cattle Congress - Waterloo 1924
  • 4-H Achievement Award
  • Waterloo Jr. Chamber of Commerce Plaque, about 1950
  • Award entry - silver cover
  • Received 7-22-93: Black wooden base for loving cup

Jebe, Florence Sucher (1912- )

Box 5 - Received September 2000

  • My First Seventy Years 1912-1982
  • My Life The Bonus Years 1982-1992
  • Dedication Program for Jebe Recital Hall, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center
  • Photograph of Florence Jebe 1995

Box 1 Received 11-93:

Two scrapbooks (photocopied and originals returned to Florence Jebe)

Box 1 Received 12-93:

Scrapbook of 1934 trip to Europe (photocopied and original returned to Florence Jebe)

Thom, Margaret, 1907-09

12 pictures

Thompson, Maude

4 photographs

Williams, Sylvia Doerring

Letter, October 2, 1995


Wilson, Ida Mae

Cedar Falls High School graduation program, June 2, 1896

SUI Quill, May 18, 1901, with article by Ida Mae Wilson

Wright, Mabel McNally

14 photographs of women's physical education and basketball teams in a scrapbook, 1903-1907 (daughter-in-law of David Sands Wright)

Zieman, Leland Herman

ISTC Diploma, 1930

State of Iowa Teachers Certificate, 1930

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