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Hearst Family Papers

Record Series: 

James Schell Hearst, Charles Ernest Hearst, Katherine Schell Hearst, Charles Joseph Hearst, Helen Louise Hearst, Carmelita Calderwood Hearst, Meryl Norton Hearst, Gladys Henderson Hearst, and others

14/03/10   Hearst Family Papers, 40 linear feet.

The contents of Boxes 1-5 relate primarily to Charles Ernest Hearst (the father of James Schell Hearst and Charles Joseph Hearst), and especially to his professional work as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation from 1924 through 1935.  This material includes correspondence, news releases, general circular letters from the American Farm Bureau Federation, position statements from various agricultural organizations, and ephemeral agricultural publications.  There is also a smaller amount of biographical and personal information relating to the Hearst family, including James Schell Hearst, scattered through these five boxes.

Box 1

  • Correspondence relating to donation of Charles Ernest Hearst papers to the University of Northern Iowa Library, 1969
  • Correspondence relating to donation of James Schell Hearst papers to the University of Northern Iowa Library
  • Hearst family genealogy
  • Old Hearst family documents, late 18th and early 19th century legal documents probably held as keepsakes
  • James Hearst (father of Charles Ernest Hearst), last will and testament, tribute from Congregational Church, 1907
  • James Hearst (father of Charles Ernest Hearst), farm tax receipts and other legal docuemts, c. 1870-1900
  • Maria Hearst (mother of Charles Ernest Hearst), photograph
  • Clara Grace Hearst (sister of Charles Ernest Hearst), Iowa State Normal School notebook, 1896; diary, 1896-1897
  • George Hearst with son John, photograph
  • Mamie Hearst science notebooks
  • Charles Ernest Hearst newsclippings and biographical sketches
  • Charles Ernest Hearst photographs
  • Schell sisters photograph, 1895
  • Katherine Schell Hearst photographs
  • Katherine Schell Hearst journal, January 1-February 16, 1926
  • Charles Ernest Hearst, photographs with family
  • Robert Hearst photograph and obituary
  • Helen Louise Hearst Speer photograph and obituary
  • Charles Joseph Hearst, newslippings and photographs, including photo of protrait by Ferner Nuhn
  • Photographs--Maplehearst Farm (Hearst family farm)
  • Photographs--Iowa Farm Bureau directors and staff
  • Photographs--Trip to Oklahoma oil fields; sponsored by Iowa Farm Bureau Service Company and Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation
  • Photographs--unidentified

Box 2

  • Arrangements for Iowa Farm Bureau Federation picnic at Maplehearst Farm, June 12, 1927, includes group photograph
  • Articles of incorporation--American Farmers Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1925
  • Articles of Incorporation--Producers Commission Association, 1925
  • Articles of Incorporation--National Laive Stock Marketing Association, 1933
  • Recommendations on agricultural legislation, 1936
  • Christmas cards received by Charles Ernest Hearst, 1935
  • Pamphlets relating to agriculture:
    • Philippine-American commerce and the excise tax on Philippine coconut oil, 1935
    • Preventive medicine for cooperatives, 1935
    • The proposed basic science law for Iowa, undated
    • Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, approved projects and personnel, 1935
    • Address of Louis J. Taber, master, before the national Grange annual session, 1935
    • 1933 committees, forty-fifth General Assembly in extraordinary session, 1933
    • Legislative directory, forth-fifth General Assembly, 1933
    • Legislative directory, forth-sixth General Assembly, 1935
    • Packers and stockyard act, 1921, 1930
    • Rules of procedure, Iowa, 1933, forth-fifth General Assembly
    • Compilation of Agricultural Adjustment Act as amended and acts relating thereto, 1935
    • The farmers' own credit system, 1935
    • Vanishing farm markets and our world trade, 1935
    • H. R. 9869, a bill to restore and stabilize agricultural buying power . . . , 1936
  • Newsclippings on resignation and death of Charles Ernest Hearst
  • Farm records, 1932-1961, including planting plans and some legal matters, probably made by James Schell Hearst


Box 3

  • Ideal Consolidated Independent School District petition, 1923
  • Charles Ernest Hearst estate--correspondence (original carbon copies plus preservation photocopies)
  • Charles Ernest Hearst estate--business and legal matters
  • Charles Ernest Hearst estate--executors' first and final report, 1937
  • Charles Ernest Hearst oversized photograph
  • "Charles E. Hearst:  an appreciation," by Irving H. Hart, 1936
  • Scrapbook of newsclippings and personal tributes created in memory of Charles Ernest Hearst, 1936
  • Cedar Falls Midwest News, March 28, 1935, 1st year, no. 1 (James Hearst is listed on the masthead as Farm Editor)


Box 4

  • Charles Ernest Hearst--farm, investment, and personal business matters, 1921-1933
  • Hawkeye Life Insurance Company correspondence, 1927-1934
  • Printed material relating to Republican Party state and local conventions
  • Iowa Farm Bureau Federation--articles of incorporation, income statements, general circulars, 1923-1934
  • Iowa Farm Bureau Federation--expense accounts, 1928
  • American Farm Bureau Federation--general circulars and news releases, 1935-1936
  • Charles Ernest Hearst--local and national agricultural concerns, 1935
  • Charles Ernest Hearst--handwritten notes on agricultural matters, undated
  • Vaccination pamphlets, both pro and con, middle 1920s


Box 5

  • Charles Ernest Hearst, outgoing correspondence, 1924-1936, originals and re-typed copies made due to deteriorationg condition of originals; dealing primarily with Iowa Farm Bureau Federation matters, but including personal correspondence to his family, including his son, James Schell Hearst, and friends. 

There is an index to this correspondence arranged alphabetically by the recipient's last name.


Box 6

  • Charles Ernest Hearst, incoming correspondence, 1924-1936, dealing primarily with his duties and responsibilities as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, including letters from Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace; also with personal correspondence from his family, including his son James Schell Hearst, and friends. 

 There is an index to this correspondence arranged alphabetically by the correspondent's last name.


Charles Joseph Hearst and Gladys Henderson Hearst

Box 7

This box contains newsclippings relating to an agricultural exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1955.  Charles Joseph Hearst was part of the American delegation that visited the Soviet Union.  The clippings were probably collected by Charles J. Hearst or his wife, Gladys Henderson Hearst.

Boxes 8-10NotePapers, photographs, and books relating to the WAVES experience of Gladys Henderson Hearst.  Gladys Henderson came to the Iowa State Teachers College campus to take part in WAVES training during World War II.  While she was in Cedar Falls, she met and later married Charles Joseph Hearst.

Box 8

The Navy at Cedar Falls, 1942-1945, an informal history.  Thirteen page typescript, probably written by Gladys Henderson Hearst.

Federal government publications

  • Large poster with American flag:  Give It Your Best!  (Office of War Information, poster no. 9.)
  • Global geography for naval personnel.  War Orientation Unit, Educational Services Section, BUPERS, Navy Department.

The WAVES on the air.  KXEL radio program.  Transcripts of programs airing August 18, 1943, November 8, 1943, February 14, 1944, April 10, 1944, June 2, 1944, July 10, 1944, August 14, 1944, October 9, 1944, November 13, 1944, December 11, 1944, January 8, 1945, and one undated transcript.

Photographs of WAVES anniversary review, Madison, Wisconsin, July 29, 1944

Photographs.  Primarily official Navy photographs illustrating WAVES uniforms and insignia.

Illustrations of naval insignia.

Books relating to the WAVES

  • Abbott Hall, U. S. N. R.  The record of the Unirted States Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School, Abbott Hall, Northwestern University, September 1940-August 1945.  Edited by William Harrison Fetridge.  Abbott Hall Publications Committee.  Chicago, Illinois.  With inscription:  To Gladys Hearst / whose Cedar Falls brain-child / was responsible for this effort / Wm Harrison Fetridge / Lt. USNR
  • Angel, Joan.  Angel of the Navy; the story of a WAVE.  Hastings House.  New York.  1943.
  • Barsis.  They're all yours, Uncle Sam!  Stephen Daye.  New York.  1943.
  • The second Navy reader.  Edited by William Harrison Fetridge.  Bobbs-Merrill.  Indianapolis, Indiana.  1944.  With inscription:  Inscribed to: / Lt (jg) Gladys Hearst, USNR (WR) / who really should be "among / those present" in this volume / about the Navy / Wm Harrison Fetridge / Lt. USNR

Box 9

Gladys Henderson, WAVES orders

Notes on WAVES life

Notes for speech on WAVES life

Correspondence, Gladys Henderson Hearst, WAVES and personal, 1943-1945

Gladys Henderson, WAVES at Smith College

WAVES news releases and awards

New Orleans trip receipts, 1942

IOWAVE newspaper

WAVES photographs

Box 10

WAVES photographs

Box 11

  • James Schell Hearst biographical information--newsclippings and articles
  • James Schell Hearst personnel file from the University of Northern Iowa
  • James Schell Hearst, sketch by Herbert V. Hake
  • Carmelita Calderwood Hearst biographical information
  • Meryl Norton Hearst biographical information
  • Wedding of James Schell Hearst and Meryl Norton Hearst, December 5, 1953


Box 12

  • Courant, 1916, Teachers College High School yearbook
  • Transcript of academic record of James Schell Hearst at Iowa State Teachers College
  • List of visitors after James Schell Hearst's diving accident, 1919
  • Army records of James Schell Hearst--service in the Student Army Training Corps at the Iowa State Teachers College; diability claims
  • Scrapbook kept by James Schell Hearst, 1927--includes poetry clipped from publications and notes by James Hearst
  • Diaries kept by James Schell Hearst, 1934 and 1939
  • Address book of James Schell Hearst, c. 1934, with sales slip for purchase of 1934 Chevrolet sedan
  • Last Hearst cattle sale, 1940, catalogue


Box 13

  • Carrington-Clyde Soil Association, 1949
  • Arthur Steindler, M. D. , obituary and newsclippings
  • William Bean, M. D., festschrift, 1974, and several other articles
  • Mayo Clinic correspondence
  • Rotary Club photograph and questionnaire
  • Poetry by other poets, probably used by James Hearst in his classes
  • Honorary doctorate presented to James Hearst by University of Northern Iowa, 1975
  • Iowa Bicentennial Artists' Recognition Award, 1976
  • Cedar Falls Public Library Service Award, 1978
  • Reception in honor of the publication of a bibliography of the work of James Hearst in the North American Review, April 21, 1980
  • Notes, possibly by Professor Robert Ward, on talk by James Hearst in "Poetry of James Hearst" class, 1981
  • Cash journals, 1979-1983
  • Correspondence with James William Maucker, 1981-1983
  • University of Northernn Iowa Alumni Achievement Award, 1982
  • Last will and testament of James Schell Hearst
  • James Hearst memorial reading, 1983
  • "James Hearst--Farmer and Poet".  Iowa Humanities Board presentation.  Readers Theater.  Phyllis Scott Carlin


Box 14

  • A Tribute to James Hearst, November 22, 1981, program


Box 15

  • Hearst Center for the Arts-
  • Hearst Lecture Series
  • Hearst Scholarship
  • Hearst film project and grant proposal, 1985
  • Voices from Nature project, 1996
  •  Poems dedicated to James Hearst
  • Correspondence with Judith Gildner at the Annals of Iowa
  • Correspondence with Carroll Coleman at the Prairie Press
  • Correspondence with Alan Swallow at the Swallow Press
  • Correspondence with Emery George at Kylix Press
  • Correspondence with Dorrance & Company about Bonesetters Brawl
  • Correspondence about recording of Things as They Are, 1965
  • Correspondence with State Historical Society of Iowa about publications, 1980-1981
  • Correspondence with Iowa State University Press about publications, 1977-1980
  • Correspondence with Charles Phillips at the Palimpsest, 1978
  • Correspondence about publication of A Country Man, 1993


Box 16

  • Scrapbook, 1927-1980.  Includes newsclippings, programs, poems, publications, correspondence, and other items relating to James Schell Hearst.  An extensive collection.  Most items taped or pasted to pages; some loose.  Arranged chronologically.  Probably kept and maintained by James Schell Hearst, Carmelita Calderwood Hearst, and Meryl Norton Hearst.


Box 17

  • Photographs of James Schell Hearst, Meryl Norton Hearst and others


Periodical literature

Twenty-three boxes of periodicals, newspapers, magazines, and journals in which James Hearst's work appeared.  The publications are arranged in chronological order.  This is not a complete collection of the appearances of James Hearst's work in periodical literature.  However, a large percentage of the appearances of his work in periodical literature is represented here.

Box 18--1924-1932

Box 19--1934-1944

Box 20--1945-1959

Box 21--1960-1962

Box 22--1962-1964

Box 23--1965-1966

Box 24--1966-1968

Box 25--1968-1969

Box 26--1969-1970

Box 27--1970-1971

Box 28--1971-1972

Box 29--1972-1974

Box 30--1974

Box 31--1975-1976

Box 32--1976

Box 33--1977

Box 34--1978

Box 35--1979

Box 36--1980-1981

Box 37--1981

Box 38--1982

Box 39--1983

Box 40--1984-1986


Publications devoted completely or substantially to James Hearst's work

Boxes 41 and 42 include an incomplete collection of publications devoted completely or substantially to James Hearst's work.  Additional copies of the books noted below, as well as books not included in this archival collection, are in the Rare Book Collection of the Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Box 41

  • The spirit of fifty years; a pageant designed to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Iowa State Teachers College.  Cedar Falls, Iowa.  May 29, 1926.
  • Country men.  Prairie Press.  Muscatine, Iowa.  1937. 
    Two copies; one copy signed by James Hearst, inscribed:  "Katherine / with sincere love for your / many kindnesses and my deep / appreciation of Jims / beautiful book- / Mike"); second copy signed by James Hearst and inscribed:  "Cedar Falls Rotary Club / Dec. 22, 1937 / With the best wishes of the / season" and signed by forty-five members of the Rotary Club
  • Country men.  Prairie Press.  Muscatine, Iowa.  1943. 
    Two copies; one copy inscribed:  "The property of / Carmelita Calderwood / and / James Hearst / Please don't ask / to borrow"; second copy with property stamp of Department of English, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
  • The sun at noon.  Prairie Press.  Muscatine, Iowa.  1943. 
    Four copies; one copy signed by James Hearst; second copy signed by James Hearst; third copy with library plate of John A. Cinko; fourth copy with property stamp of Department of English, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
  • Man and his field.  Alan Swallow.  Denver, Colorado.  1951. 
    Signed by James Hearst.
  • Limited view.  Prairie Press.  Iowa City, Iowa.  1962. 
    Signed by James Hearst.
  • Single focus.  Prairie Press.  Iowa City, Iowa.  1967.  


Box 42

  • Voyages to the inland sea.  Sumac Press.  La Crosse, Wisconsin.  1972.  Pages 31-62 include an essay by James Hearst, a selection of his work, and a bibliography of his work.
  • Dry leaves.  Ragnarok Press.  Holly Springs, Mississippi.  1975.
  • Shaken by leaf-fall.  Kylix Press.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.  1976. 
    Two copies, one hardbound and one paperbound; paperbound copy signed by James Hearst.
  • Proved by trial.  Juniper Press.  La Crosse, Wisconsin.  1977. 
  • Late harvest.  BkMk Press.  Kansas City, Missouri.  1977. 
    Pages 71-01 include a selection of James Hearst's work and a critial essay by Theodore Haddin; signed by James Hearst.
  • Landmark and other poems.  JiFi Print.  Fort Dodge, Iowa.  1979.


Box 43

Snake in the Strawberries, selected poems by James Hearst.  Iowa State University Press.  Ames, Iowa.  1979.

  • Typescript copy with printer's mark-ups
  • Two published copies


Box 44

Time Like a Furrow, essays by James Hearst.  Iowa State Historical Department, Division of the State Historical Department.  Iowa City, Iowa.  1981.

  • Photocopy of typed note from James Hearst to Gerald Peterson explaining that the editor of the book combined some chapters and re-named at least one chapter.  James Hearst also notes that some of the typescript chapters are missing from the material that he donated to the University Archives.
  • Typescript copies of some of the chapters
  • Photocopy of the text with editorial and printer's mark-up


Box 45

Time Like a Furrow, continued

  • Three published copies


Box 46

My Shadow Below Me.  Iowa State University Press.  Ames, Iowa.  1981.

  • Original typescript, chapters 1-20, April 1980:  working title of The Man in a Wheelchair; written using pseudonyms and in third person voice "to achieve distance from the subject," according to James Hearst
  • First revision of original typescript, still with working title The Man in the Wheelchair; pseudonyms replaced with real names, but still written in third person voice, chapters 1-20


Box 47

My Shadow Below Me, continued

  • Second revision of original typescript, still with working title The Man in the Wheelchair, with handwritten changes, including shift to first person voice, by James Hearst, chapters 1-20
  • Third revision, still with working title The Man in the Wheelchair; sent to Iowa State University Press, November 28, 1980, written in first person, chapters 1-20


Box 48

My Shadow Below Me, continued

  • Publisher's copy with editorial and printing mark-up, returned to James Hearst, November 23, 1981, chapters 1-20
  • Two published copies


Box 49

Bonesetter's Brawl, by Carmelita Calderwood and James Hearst.  Dorrance and Company.  Ardmore, Pennsylvania.  1979.

  • Typescript with printer's mark-ups
  • Four published copies, including one copy signed by James Hearst and two copies with remainder stamps


Boxes 50-53--Unpublished material, drafts, notes for later publication, speeches

Box 50

The running of widows.  Unpublished typescript with editorial marks by James Hearst.  178 pages plus 2 pages of story outline.  No date.

This typescript seems to be a draft of a novel or series of short stories.  The assumed title of this typescript, The running of widows, is simply the name given at the top of the first page of the first chapter.  The remaining chapters are titled by the name of the character featured in that particular chapter.  The first chapter sets the theme for the work:  ten widows, of considerably different circumstances, organize themselves into a mutual assistance network.  Each of the remaining chapters tells the story of one widow's life.

The individual chapters of this typescript seem to be fairly well-developed.  And there are relationships and references between and among the chapters.  But there does not seem to be a resolution, summary, or conclusion to the collection.


Note:  Boxes 51-53 include a broad variety of material prepared for and delivered in many different situations.  There seems to be little difference between the alphabetically ordered material in Boxes 51-52 and the second alphabetically ordered material in Box 53.  However, since the two sets of material arrived in the University Archives at different times, the processor maintained the two sets as separate orders.  Few of the pieces are dated.  Some of the pieces are titled according to subject; some are titled according to the occasion for which they were prepared.  A few pieces had neither dates nor titles.  In those cases, the processor of the collection furnished titles that reflected the general content of the pieces.

Box 51

  • Address at opening of Waterloo Recreation Center, c. 1965
  • America for Americans
  • An evening in town, worksheets
  • Black Hawk County Farm Bureau historical pageant, 1937
  • Blind with rainbows, cantata, with William P. Latham
  • Breachy, worksheets
  • Cedar Falls Pubic Library fund drive appeal, 1981
  • The confidant, worksheets
  • The curious harp, with Carmelita Calderwood Hearst
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Early days of a boy on an Iowa farm
  • The ego eater
  • Evergreen transformations
  • Farm life when the power changed
  • First date
  • Growing pains and some hired girls
  • Hard jobs
  • James Hearst lecture notes, 1965
  • James Hearst calendar
  • J. W. Maucker farewell address by James Hearst, 1970
  • Letter to the editor on Maucker Union site and other matters, c. 1965
  • Living literature:  "War and peace", December 23, 1942
  • A modern farm fable, worksheets, 1940, for Diamond Brothers
  • Mr. Hoper and "The Blessed Damozel"


Box 52

  • Music for seven poems
  • My State of the Union speech, Supper Club, March 14, 1974
  • Partners in progress, Black Hawk County 50th anniversary pageant
  • Play, short story
  • Relatives
  • Rites of spring on the farm
  • A road through summer
  • Salute to Iowa
  • The speech, worksheets
  • Stranger, share our fire, and others, lyrics for Daniel Moe
  • Stud horse days, Supper Club, May 18, 1982
  • Surprise party, short story
  • Symbolism, c. 1941
  • A talk about poetry
  • A talk about youth, The catcher in the rye, Lord of the flies, and A separate peace
  • Treason or dissent
  • Trifocals, worksheet
  • TV notes
  • Two men and the simple life
  • We all worked together
  • When you subtract the dollars, what's left?
  • Williams and Roethke
  • Women's Club, Waterloo
  • The writing class
  • Young poet on the land, 1978


Box 53

  • American Association of University Women, Waterloo
  • Brannan Plan
  • Buddhism
  • Censorship
  • Creative writing
  • Criticism
  • Denton program
  • Commencement, Price Laboratory School, May 31, 1967
  • "Ear to the Ground" radio program, undated scripts for a few programs; 4 CD-R disks with MP3 files of recordings from the entire run of the program, 1963-1967; digital copies made by Professor Jeremy Schraffenberger, July 2010; original reel-to-reel tapes in University Archives record series 14/10/15
  • Eliot as poet
  • Emporia speech, Des Moines
  • Esthetics
  • Ethics
  • Robert Frost
  • Fugitives
  • High School, West Waterloo
  • High School talk
  • Iowa history
  • Iowa State Education Association
  • Historical Society
  • Iowa 2000, Rotary Club
  • Journey
  • Kipling
  • Mexico
  • Poems
  • Poetry booklet for Cedar Falls High School, 1964
  • Poetry and meaning
  • Revolutionary spirit in American poetry
  • Values
  • Viet Nam
  • Whose store and who keeps it?
  • Words as tools


Box 54
Print interviews with James Schell Hearst

  • Judith Gildner, Midwest Review, spring 1980
  • Rochelle Holt, Sunday Clothes, summer 1973
  • Wayne Lanter, Threshing time:  a tribute to James Hearst, 1996
  • Robert Ward, transcript of recorded interview, 1981
  • Bill Witt, Iowan, spring 1979
  • Undated interview with questions from an unknown source and written reponses by James Hearst


Note:  Boxes 55, 55A, 55B, and 84 include audio-visual material relating to or including James Hearst.  The processor of this collection has not viewed or listened to this material.  The descriptions noted below are almost always simply a transcription of what appears on the labels on the material.  Some of the media formats are archaic.  It may be difficult to locate hardware to play those media.

Box 55

  • Videotape labeled "James Hearst Interview, 5/22/76", might have been made by University  of Northern Iowa Professor Robert J. Ward--UCA format, 30 minute length
  • Iowa Poets, produced by Grant Wood Area Education Agency, undated.  Includes study guide and three audiocassettes featuring James Hearst, Paul Engle, and Robert Dana reading their poetry.
  • 10 inch glass phonograph disc said to include readings by James Hearst


Box 55A

  • Reel-to-reel audio tape, 7 inch, label on tape box says, "Mr. James Hearst reading his poems.  time:  19:10.  speed:  7 1/2 ips.  Letter from radio station KNOR, Des Moines, dated September 29, 1961, inside tape box says, in part, "This is the tape that you sent us for use over our new station . . . ."
  • Reel-to-reel audio tape, 7 inch, card inside tape box says, "James Hearst recorded at the Student as Critic Conference 3/20/1975   Time:  approximately 30 minutes at 7 1/2 ips."
  • Reel-to-reel audio tape, 7 inch, label on box says, "Carl lSandburg & Hearsts  February 22, 1963"
  • Reel-to-reel audio tape, 7 inch, label on box says, "Texas tapee of Scatter the Petals"; note inside box indicates that William P. Latham arranged for the tape to be sent to James Hearst; Poetry and the condition of music program, January 9, 1969, included
  • 4 3 1/2 inch reels of motion picture film; one reel is labeled Hearst Film #2, another reel is labeled Hearst Film #4, and the other reels are unlabeled
  • Talk at Paul Diamond's funeral, audiocassette
  • James Hearst tribute, parts I and II, two audiocassettes, three copies of each tape
  • Label says, "Engle 12/9 Edited II  1/7/1975", audiocassette
  • Label says, "Dana edited 1/21 II", audiocassette
  • Label says, "Jim Hearst 11/22 edited II 1/7/75, audiocassette


Box 55B

  • Memorial reading of James hearst's poetry, audiocassette
  • Service for Meryl Norton Hearst, October 27, 1987, audiocassette (3 copies)
  • Interview with James Hearst, by Robert J. Ward, September 18, 1980, audiocassette
  • James Hearst, October 21, 1980, October 28, 1980, February 24, 1981, probably by Robert J. Ward, audiocassette
  • Interview with James Hearst, by Robert J. Ward, September 10, 1980, October 14, 1980, audiocassette
  • Talk with Jim Hearst, March 8, 1981, audiocassette
  • James Hearst, audiocassette
  • Dana, James Hearst, audiocassette
  • Poetry of Hearst, April 1, 1981, audiocassette (2 copies)
  • Poetry of James Hearst, April 29, 1981, tapes #1 and #2, audiocassettes
  • Conversation with James Hearst, Robert J. Ward, March 17, 1981, audiocassette
  • Hearst conversations, March 24 & April 14, 1981, audiocassete
  • Conversation with James Hearst, July 2, 1981, audiocassette
  • July 13, 1981, no. 1, audiocassette
  • Jim Hearst, April 28, 1981, June 18, 1981, audiocassette
  • Hearst, July 20, 1981, no. 2., audiocassette
  • Jim Hearst reading his poems, audiocassette
  • Reading Time Like a Furrow, audiocassette (2 copies)
  • Jim Hearst reading his poetry  "Things as they are", audiocassette
  • Poetry of Hearst, April 15, 1981, audiocassette
  • James Hearst's talk to Poetry of Hearst class, May 6, 1981, audiocassette
  • Poetry of James Hearst, May 13, 1981, audiocassette
  • "The movers" J. Hearst, audiocassette


James Hearst as editor

Box 56

Midwest:  a literary review presenting the writings of students, faculty and alumni of the Iowa State Teachers College. Fall 1957-Spring 1966.  James Schell Hearst served as Associate Editor of this campus publication, which was sponsored by the Department of English of the college.


Publications logs

Note:  Boxes 57-58 are publications logs of James Schell Hearst's work.  Family members and Mr. Hearst himself kept these logs in an attempt to record when and where his work was published.  Taken as a whole, these logs represent a  good record of his publication history.

Box 57

Publications log, 1924-1984, with some undated.  Photocopies and typescripts of some of James Hearst's work with notes showing where the work appeared in pubication and occasional notes and corrections in James Hearst's hand.  Arranged chronologically.  Incomplete listing.  Probably maintained by James Hearst or Meryl Norton Hearst.

Box 58

1. One large set of logs was kept in three 7 inch by 9 inch ring binders.  The binders were discarded during the processing of the collection, because they were badly deteriorated.  The pages from each binder were then transferred into individual file folders, one folder per binder. 

Nearly all of the pages in the binders consist of typed copies of James Hearst's poems.  But in a few cases, instead of a typed copy of a poem, there is a clipped copy from the original publication, or a photocopy of the original publication, glued to the page.  In nearly all cases, there are bibliographic citations to the publication(s) in which a poem appeared, written or typed at the bottom of each page.

The overall arrangement of the three binders is chronological, according to the time of the first appearance of a poem in print.  However, there are significant departures from this order, especially in folders one and two.

The binders also include a few poems that are noted as "unpublished." 

Meryl Norton Hearst was likely responsible for maintaining this log.

  • Binder 1--mostly 1960s, but with some exceptions on either side
  • Binder 2--mostly 1970s, but with some early work
  • Binder 3--1979-1984

2. Spiral notebook arranged alphabetically by first word of a poem's title, with citations to publications in which the poem appeared

3. Notecard file, 3 X 5 inches, arranged alphabetically by first word of a poem's title, with citations to publications in which the poem appeared


Correspondence to and from James Hearst

The correspondence in Boxes 59-71 is arranged in chronological order.  This correspondence arrived in one large batch and has been kept together as one file.  If an envelope accompanied the letter when it arrived in the University Archives, the envelope was preserved and is filed with the letter.  Nearly all of the correspondents and the dates of the correnspondence are noted on the envelope containing each letter.  A date, a name, or a portion thereof within parentheses (  ) indicates that the information was added on the basis of the processor's knowledge or information from an envelope.  There is a small amount of undated material in the last box of the correspondence. 

There is a name index to all correspondents available in the University Archives.  "T. L. S." means Typed Letter Signed.  "A. L. S." means autograph letter signed. This index was updated to include newly-processed material March 2017. Physical copies of the updated index are available by request and have also been inserted into the beginning of this series (Box 59) for convenient reference. A digital copy can be accessed below:

Alphabetized Index of Correspondence to James Hearst

There is a small volume of undated correspondence from James Hearst in the last box of this correspondence file.

Box 59--incoming, 1922-1932

Box 60--incoming, 1933-1937

Box 61--incoming, 1938-1943

Box 62--incoming, 1944-1948

Box 63--incoming, 1949-1961

Box 64--incoming, 1962-1967

Box 65--incoming, 1968-1972

Box 66--incoming, 1973-1975

Box 67--incoming, 1976-1977

Box 68--incoming, 1978-1979

Box 69--incoming, 1980-1981

Box 70--incoming, 1982-1983

Box 71--incoming, undated; outgoing, undated


Additional correspondence to and from James Schell Hearst

Boxes 72-73:  These boxes include correspondence from 1859 through 1983, with most letters from the 1980s.

Box 72--incoming,1953-1982

Box 73--incoming,1982-1983

Box 74--incoming 1859-1983; n.d.

Correspondence with well-known authors

Box 75

Robert Frost

Comments made by Robert Frost while staying with the Hearsts, probably in 1960

Newsclippings relating to Robert Frost

Publications and greetings from Robert Frost
The Christmas greetings are small, finely printed booklets that usually include an unpublished poem by Robert Frost.

  • On a tree fallen across the road (to hear us talk).  Spiral Press.  New York.  1949. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1949, with inscription by Robert Frost:  "and for both the Hearsts the one that writes the good poetry and the one that helps him writing it.")
  • Doom to bloom.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1950. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1950)
  • A cabin in the clearing.  Spiral Press.  New York. 1951. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1951, with brief inscription by Robert Frost to James Hearst)
  • Does no one but me at all ever feel this way in the least.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1952. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1952, but sent in July 1953.  Initialed and dated on inserted card by Robert Frost)
  • One more brevity.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1953. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1953)
  • A talk for students.  Fund for the Republic.  New York.  1956. 
    (Commencement talk at Sarah Lawrence College, June 7, 1956)
  • Kitty Hawk 1894.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1956. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1956)
  • My objection to being stepped on.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1957. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1957)
  • A-wishing well.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1959. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1959)
  • Accidentally on purpose.  Spiral Press.  New York. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1960)
  • The wood-pile.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1961. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1961)
  • The prophets really prophesy as mystics the commentators merely by statistics.  Spiral Press.  New York.  1962.
    (Christmas greeting for 1962)

Carl Sandburg

Comments made by Carl Sandburg while visiting the Hearsts in 1963

Newsclippings about Carl Sandburg

Photographs of Carl Sandburg: 

  • twelve black and white 5 inch X 7 inch prints from Sandburg's visit with the Hearsts in 1963
  • one color 2 inch by 3 inch photograph taken elsewhere in 1963 and
  • one undated Christmas postcard greeting, with the Sandburg goats pictured, inscribed by Carl Sandburg "and love from Carl and Paula Sandburg"

Paul Engle

  • New Englanders.  Prairie Press.  Muscatine, Iowa.  1940. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1940, signed by Paul Engle, includes loose black and white photograph labeled "Mary Engle 10 weeks")
  • West of midnight.  Random House.  1941. 
    (Inscribed by Paul Engle:  "To Chuck and Jim Hearst / With love from us both. / Paul and Mary Engle / "We will, beneath whatever history / Falls unpredictable or wild or strange / Put deeper down into the western earth / That bold, immortal root which is our land")
  • America 1941.  Reprinted from the September 1941 issue of Poetry
    (Signed by Paul Engle)
  • American child.  Prairie Press.  Muscatine, Iowa.  1944. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1944, signed and inscribed by Paul Engle "with a lot of affection Paul Engle")
  • Speaking of you is the denial of speech.  Prairie Press.  Iowa City.  1947. 
    (Christmas greeting for 1947, inscribed by Paul Engle:  "Some Iowa City printing and poetry for you.  / Paul and Mary")
  • Three poems.  Reprinted from Poetry, volume 77, no. 2 (November 1950). 
    (Christmas greeting for 1950, signed by Paul Engle)
  • For the Iowa dead.  State University of Iowa.  Iowa City, Iowa.  1956. 
    (For a service of dedication of the Memorial Honor Roll, University of Iowa, March 25, 1956)  Accompanied by program for the Service of Dedication, including typewritten directions for the ceremony and the arrangement of platform seating.
  • Robert Frost.  Typographic Laboratory, School of Journalism, State University of Iowa.  Iowa City, Iowa.  1959. 
    (In honor of a visit of Robert Frost to the University of Iowa during National Library Week)
  • Always the women.  Reprinted from Ladies' Home Journal, January 1960. 
    (Signed by Paul Engle)
  • Golden child:  a libretto by Paul Engle for an opera composed by Philip Bezanson.  Hallmark Cards.  Kansas City, Missouri.  1960.
  • Cuban voyage.  No place.  No date. 
    (Signed by Paul Engle)

J. Frank Dobie

  • My salute to Gene Rhodes; a Christmas remembrance from Bertha and Frank Dobie.  1947.
  • The seven mustangs; a Christmas remembrance from Bertha and Frank Dobie.  1948.  With inscriptions:  "We are out here while I work in Huntington Library on Mustangs.  They were free--Best wishes--Frank Dobie"; and, under title, "address made at unveiling of monument to the Mustangs, Austin, (illegible), May 31, 1948"
  • Charm in Mexican folktales; a Christmas remembrance Bertha and Frank Dobie.  1951
  • Wild and free.  Christmas remembrance, 1952.
  • As the moving finger writ.  Christmas remembrance, 1955.
  • His looks and my ways would hang any man.  Christmas remembrance, 1956.
  • James Bowie, big dealer.  Christmas remembrance.  1957.

John T. Frederick

  • Newsclippings; Palimpsest article
  • Out of the Midwest; a collection of present-day writing.  Whittlesey House, McGray-Hill Book Company.  New York.  1944.  Includes brief biographical notes on James Hearst (page 301) and two poems, Country Men (page 301) and The Movers (pages 400-401).

 Boxes 76 and 77

James Hearst Poetry Project, 1994-1995

Poetry by James Hearst; the complete collection of Mr. Hearst's poems published during his lifetime.  Funded in part with a grant from the Historic Resource Project of the Iowa Historical Society.  Research and compilation by staff and volunteers at the James and Meryl Hearst Center for the Arts, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1994-1995.

Poems are arranged alphabetically by title.  Citations to published appearances of each poem are noted on each page.

Diskettes of the text, in MacIntosh format, are included.

Digital copy of the Project.


Box 78

This box contains student critical work on James Schell Hearst, including two master's degree level papers.

  • James Edward Daman.  Beyond knowledge to wisdom:  an introduction to James Hearst.  Master's thesis.  Mankato State College.  June 1968.
  • Jane Mason Emde.  The life and works of James Schell Hearst.  Starred paper.  University of Minnesota.  March 1970.
  • Sandra Gabel.  The vision of the mature poet.  Bellevue College.  c. 1983.  11 page typescript.
  • Christopher Dungey.  Natural and cultural landscapes in the poetry of James Hearst.  University of Michigan-Flint.  1982.  10 page typescript with correspondence between Christopher Dungey and Professor Robert Ward and responses of James Hearst to questions submitted by Dungey to Hearst.
  • Brian Pals.  A marvelous integrity:  the letters of James Hearst and Carroll Coleman.  2012.  6 page typescript.
  • Brian Pals.  A bibliographic supplement to The Complete Poetry of James Hearst.  16 page typescript.

Box 79

Plaques, awards, and citations

  • Alumni Service Award, University of Northern Iowa, May 26, 1968
  • Representative Citizen, Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce, May 5, 1981
  • Distinguished Service Award, City of Cedar Falls, August 15, 1978
  • Arts/Humanities/Aging Honor for Outstanding Service, State of Iowa, December 15, 1982
  • Iowa Bicentennial Artists' Recognition Award, August 17, 1976
  • The Four-Way Test, Rotary Club plaque
  • Black Hawk Award for best poetry book of 1962 by an Iowa author (Limited View)

 Boxes 80-82

These boxes contain books given to James Hearst by friends and former students.  For a complete list of publications, with full bibliographic citations and transcriptions of inscriptions, see this page.

Box 80

  • Anderson, Karl E
  • Benson, Steve
  • Booth, Phillip
  • Borich, Michael
  • Cook, Geoffrey
  • Daly, Ida
  • Dangel, Leo
  • Dubois, Rochelle
  • Fish, Donald
  • George, Emery

Box 81

  • Haberer, Frederic
  • Haring, Cynthia
  • Harold, John W.
  • Hey, Phil
  • Holden, Raymond
  • Holt, Rochelle
  • Jarrell, Randall
  • Kherdian, David
  • Koppel, Ralph
  • Kooser, Ted

Box 82

  • Kresensky, Raymond
  • Langland, Joseph
  • Marion, Jeff Daniel
  • Moffit, John
  • Nash, James Hampton
  • Nuhn, Ferner
  • Peake, Patric
  • Pena, Hector
  • Platt, Eugene
  • Rackstraw, Richard
  • Skow, Marilyn
  • Stokstad, Ruth
  • Stryk, Lucien
  • Volk, Stephen
  • Wolff, K. M.
  • Woodcock, Beatrice

Box 83

An inventory of the books in James Hearst's home at the time of his death.  Some books were integrated into the collections of the Rod Library; including the Rare Books Collection.  Some were placed into the bookcases of the old Reading Room in Seerley Hall.  An accompanying list of volumes which can be found in UNI Special Collections (confirmed March 2017) has been included, along with these books' call numbers. Aside from occasionally inscribing his books with his signature, James Hearst rarely marked, underlined, or made notes in his books.

Iowa rhythms; a book of sketches by Jeannette Little and poems by Mona Van Duyn.  No date.  No place.  Photocopy of a book apparently owned and inscribed with his signature by James Hearst.

Robert J. Ward.  James Hearst:  a bibliography of his work.  North American Review.  Cedar Falls, Iowa.  1980/

James Hearst.  Seleccion de poemas de James Hearst (antologia bilingue).  Edicion, introduccion y traduccion de Luis Gustavo Giron Echevarria y Robert J. Ward.  Universidad de Extremadura.  Spain.  1992.

Robert J. Ward.  Introducere in poezia lui James Hearst.  Studii de literatura romana si comparate, IV, 1982.


Box 84--oversized material

  • Things as they are; poems by James Hearst, 12 inch phonograph disc
  • Frank Miller Christmas print, probably sent to James Hearst, 15 inches X 22 inches
  • Norwegian Rivers, Joseph Langland, text of poem on large sheet of paper, 10 inches X 28 inches
  • Hearst family photo, c. 1902


Box 85--oversized material

  • Iowa Library Association, Johnson Brigham Award for the Iowa author who made "the most outstanding contribution to literature, 1977 (bronze medallion mounted on wood, 11 inches X 16 inches)


Boxes 86-87

  • Unprocessed


Collection processed over many years as material accumulated; reprocessed, with assistance of Public History Intern Dana Wallace and volunteer student Ben Jorgensen, and finding aid developed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, spring 2010; updated, December 17, 2013 (GP).

Collection revisited by Special Collections Intern Ashley Thronson and Adjunct Special Collections and University Archives Librarian Rachael Acheson, spring 2017; last updated, March 22, 2017.