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James Cleland Gilchrist Papers

University Archives Record Series 02/01/01--James Cleland Gilchrist Papers

There is a brief biographical sketch of Gilchrist available as a Web document.

Box 1

Reports and Addresses

  • "Normal schools--their origin and office," September 14, 1876 (I. S. N. S. inaugural address)
  • "Professional degrees for teachers," 1879 (N. E. A. address)
  • Examinations given, 1879
  • "Dominion and action," 1879
  • Normal schools survey, 1879
  • "What constitutes a normal school?" 1881
  • Normal schools survey, 1883
  • "Biography of Horace Mann," 1896
  • "Fourth of July oration," 1896
  • "Horace Mann," 1897
  • Class assignments
  • "Educational errors of the people"
  • "Trend revolution"
  • "Intellectual freedom"
  • "Two stars--an allegory"
  • "What shall the rural school courses contain?"
  • "Worth of the soul"

Gilchrist biographical information assembled by College Archivist Irving Hart including correspondence, summaries, extracts from printed material, and personal recollections

Box 2

Correspondence with Gilchrist family, primarily from Irving Hart and A. C. Fuller to Maude Gilchrist (daughter of J. C. Gilchrist) but also including letters from Fred Gilchrist and H.C. Gilchrist (sons of J. C. Gilchrist); letter of recommendation for student by J. C. Gilchrist, 1886; correspondence from Gilchrist to H. H. Seerley; correspondence from Gilchrist to Judge Edward H. Thayer (member of Normal governing board); correspondence from William C. Bryant to Judge Edward H. Thayer (both board members); correspondence regarding acquisition of Thayer letters, 1960; Bureau of Education report, 1885; earliest programs, brochures, catalogues of I. S. N. S.; birth affidavit, 1882; Gilchrist genealogy papers; photocopy of photograph of Gilchrist's sisters, 1893; Kenneth James Gilchrist, great-great-grandson of Gilchrist; History of Washington County, Pennsylvania and California University, California, Pennsylvania; History of Kossuth County, Iowa, 1913; plat maps, Gilchrist land, Pocahontas County, Iowa; obituaries of Gilchrist; Normal Eyte, September 11, 1897, tributes to Gilchrist; Normal Eyte, December 23, 1897, Gilchrist memorial; Gilchrist Hall dedication, 1975; auction of Gilchrist cornerstone box contents, Alumnus article on Gilchrist Hall and response by Fred Gilchrist, son of J.C. Gilchrist; The Palimpsest, May/June 1983, article by William C. Lang; Maude Gilchrist obituaries, 1952; scrapbook, 1876- 1886, apparently assembled by J. C. Gilchrist, containing papers, announcements, and brochures of I. S. N. S.

Box 3

Lists of public subscribers to the fund to build Old Gilchrist Hall (originally South Hall), 1882, including the amount pledged

Box 4

Ledger, receipts, financial papers of Gilchrist family

Box 5

Books from the libraries of James Cleland Gilchrist and Fred C. Gilchrist.