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Millennium Lecture Series

Record Series: 

Archives Record Series: 03/01/15

Millenium Lecture Series. 

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In 2000, under the auspices of Vice President and Provost Aaron Podolefsky, the University of Northern Iowa presented a series of ten lectures, delivered by members of the faculty, designed to give "a special opportunity for all of us to pause and consider our histories, our lives today, and our futures as individuals, as members of Iowa families and communities, and as members of the larger human family."

This record series includes videotapes of nine of the ten scheduled lectures.  A videotape of the lecture by Professor William Downs is not present.  The series also includes applications from the faculty to deliver lectures and publicity material for the series.

Box Inventory

Box 1

Correspondence, applications, and publicity

Videotapes.  VHS format

  • January 19, 2000 - Jerry Soneson - "Thinking About the End Times:  From Ancient Israel to the New Millennium"
  • February 22, 2000 - Andrew Burstein - "A View of the Millennium from 1776"
  • March 6, 2000 - Syed Kirmani - "Statistics and the Search for Truth:  The Trinity of Chance, Variability and Risk"
  • April 3, 2000 - Vince Gotera - "Jive and Kickin':  The State of Poetry in the Year 2000"
  • April 25, 2000 - Susan D. Hudson - "Eight Hours for What We Will"
  • September 6, 2000 - Tom Rice - "Rebuilding Civic Society in the New Millennium"
  • September 26, 2000 - Harry Brod - "Who Will We Be?:  The Future of Gender and Other Identities in the New Millennium"
  • October 16, 2000 - Martha J. Reineke - "Encounters with a Double-Faced Ghost:  Feminist Scholarship in the New Millennium"
  • December 4, 2000 - Jay Edelnant - "Technology, Deconstruction and Pedagogy:  A Lecture Recital"

Materials processed and finding aid marked up by Library Assistant Gail Briddle, July 2001; last modified: September 7, 2013 (GP). Linear Feet updated August 9, 2017.

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