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Muhs Family Alumni Memorabilia and Photograph Collection

Record Series: 

Archives Record Series: 19/06

Alumni Photograph and Memorabilia Collections (Muhs Family Collection). 1893-1911. 1.25 linear feet.


This collection contains many photographs and artifacts collected by four sisters in the Muhs family. The four sisters, originally from Camanche, Iowa, attended the Iowa State Normal School and Iowa State Teachers College in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Margaret Roberta, the oldest sister, graduated with a Bachelor of Didactics degree in 1895. Her sister Mary L. (Mamie) received the same degree in 1896. Ten years later, Dora Winifred, known as Winifred, received her degree in Physical Education. The youngest sister, Edith Loretta, known as Laura, received her degree in piano in 1911.

The majority of the photographs in this collection are of individuals or groups of students. Many of them are identified on the reverse sides of the photographs. The researcher is advised to closely review the printed names on the backs of the photographs when looking for a particular individual. Some of the names are difficult to decipher and thus may be misspelled in this finding aid.

The collection was given to Special Collections by the women’s nephew, Robert Muhs, in the fall 1999.  Additional photos were received in the spring 2002. Box 5 was received in December 2002.

Folder Contents

Box 1

Photographs of Classmates – Identified:

  • Zoe Carney, Marble Rock
  • Helen Seerley, 1905Blanch
  • Beulah E. Kiefer, Independence, May 24, 1906
  • Georgia Byrne, Leurs
  • Nell, 1911
  • Myra Louise, May 5, 1905
  • Maud Keith, Marion
  • "Red" Hamilton
  • Norma E. Greene, Reinbeck
  • Laura Mae Davenport
  • Jessie Hurst, Waterloo
  • Lou Diehl (2)
  • Mabel Byrle McNally, Cherry Tree Hill, Cedar Falls
  • Minnie
  • B. J. Lambert, Cedar Falls, April 1897
  • Esther Seerley, Cedar Falls
  • Mae Finch
  • Lorne Robertson
  • Emma Patton, Laurel, April 1905
  • Naomi Achenbach, Gladbrook, May 1, 1897
  • Mabel Parish, Cedar Falls
  • M. H. Hoffman, Sigourney
  • Blanche Drees

Photographs of Classmates – Unidentified

Photographs of Non-UNI Scenes

Miscellaneous Programs, etc.:

  • ISNS seal
  • Commencement invitation and program, June 1906
  • Card for D. Sands Wright’s 78th birthday celebration
  • Program from piano recital by Laura Muhs, May 15, 1911
  • Blank record of physical measurements
  • Record of coursework for Winifred Muhs



  1. Section 5, Iowa State Normal School. Eight women. Roberta Muhs is fifth from the left.
  2. Rooming house room with 1906 pennant.
  3. Rooming house room with seven women in nightgowns. Women in the photo are Margaret Patton, Georgia Byrne, Mabel Murray, Margaret Bowes, Norma Green, Blanche Drees, and LaVirre Wilson.
  4. Mabel Byrle McNally, signed, "With kindest regards, Mabel Byrle McNally".
  5. Five women and two men standing in front of a building. Winifred Muhs is third from the left. On the back is a full shot of the building.
  6. President Homer Seerley with photo of campus in the bottom left corner.
  7. Erma Krout and Minna Bennet, November 21, 1902.
  8. Rooming house room with six women; three are in nightgowns sitting on the knees of three others in dresses. Women are identified as Leola Farlow, Margaret Bowes, Emma Patton, Winifred Muhs, Bernine Swiney, and Stella Fisher.
  9. Rooming house room with six women; three are sitting in nightgowns and three are in dresses standing over them. Women are identified as Stella Fisher, Bernine Swiney, Leola Farlow, Margaret Bowes, Emma Patton, and Winifred Muhs.
  10. Winifred Muhs, 1907.
  11. Winifred’s first gym class.
  12. Two unidentified women, October 31, 1902.
  13. Sixteen women and one man posed in three rows:


    • Florence Gulic, State Center
    • Flossey Dunham, Montour
    • Jennie Middleton, Eagle Grove
    • Daisy Whitney, Winthrop
    • Leonora Landers, Webster City
    • Ida Holland, Center Point
    • Myra B. Dungan, Chariton
    • Winifred Muhs, back row, third from the left
    • Julia Van Gelder, New Hartford
    • Edna Setz, Oakland
    • Eva Mae Luse
    • Ralph Pattee
    • Laura Hathaman
    • Julliette Fink
    • Ella May Bauer, Lisbon
    • Bella Shan, Waterloo
    • Carrie Knike, New Hartford
  14.  Eighteen women and two men posed in two rows. Winifred Muhs is in the back row, fifth from the left.
  15. President Homer Seerley with quote by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  16. John Ross Frampton, May 15, 1911. Signed, "To Miss Laura Muhs, from her friend and teacher, John Ross Frampton, Cedar Falls, Iowa".
  17. Officers of the Catholic Association at Iowa State Normal School. Three rows with six men and nine women. Winifred is in the front row on the far right.
  18. "Rownd Hall Girls, Winter 1898". This is a photo of the women who roomed at Rownd Hall, a rooming house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rownd of Cedar Falls. The women are looking at letters and watches. They are identified as:


    • Ida Judd, Nevada
    • Mae Keahel, Battle Creek
    • Ela Dauskin, Nevada
    • Nellie L. Smith, Winterset (alias Pitzer)
    • Charlotte Smeney, Camanche
    • Grace Fullerton, Green Mountain
    • Sedon Fesenbeck, Danbury
    • Nellie Dabney, Winterset
    • Bird Bundy, Cedar Falls
    • Gertrude Lelark, Oskaloosa
    • Mr. Rownd
    • Nellie Rownd, Cedar Falls
    • Naomi Achenbach, Gladbrook
    • Mae Mercer, Fonda
    • Mrs. Rownd, Cedar Falls
    • Mame Gochsteter, Dexter
    • Mattie Wagar, Mooreville
    • Beth Achenbach, Gladbrook
    • Margaret Stevenson, Waterloo
    • Jessie McLeonnell, Midland
    • Faith J. Stunly, State Center
  19. Group of women in white shirts, dated 1910. Laura Muhs is in the fourth row from the bottom, seventh from the left.
  20. Seven women in a row looking to the left.

Box 2 (photographs continued)

  1. Basketball team with six players in dark uniforms and one (coach?) in a white blouse. Basketball sitting in center is inscribed with "Champions ‘05". Women are identified as: Johanna Johnson, Georgia Knight, Helen Seerley, Winifred Muhs, Mabel McNally, and Ethel Vinall.
  2. Iowa State Normal School faculty, 1893-1894.
  3. Two rows with seven women and two men:
    • Estella Evans, De Witt
    • Ida Evans
    • Winifred Muhs, Camanche
    • Mabel McNally, Cedar Falls
    • Ethel Vinall, Cedar Falls
    • Dr. Charles Pell, Cedar Falls
    • Clara V. Carter
    • Emma B. Paffendorf, Newburg, NY
    • George B. Affleck, Chicago

  4. Two long rows of women in white shirts:

    Back row left to right:

    • Bernice Sweney, Camanche
    • Olive Goodyear, Cedar Falls
    • Erma Keene, Cedar Falls
    • Alma Butler, Cedar Falls
    • Maude Dudley, Waterloo
    • Clara Jackson, La Maro
    • Verna Hallowell, Waterloo
    • Lela Stanley
    • Florence Conant
    • Jill McCartney, Waterloo
    • Belle Honnigan, Cedar Falls
    • Ida Kracaw
    • Lou Spehand, Waverly
    • Myrtle Upham, Charles City
    • Margaret Bowes, Eagle Grove
    • Mary Williamson, Cedar Falls
    • Olive Homequest, Cedar Falls
    • Jessie Stuart, Charles City
    • Lucile High, Charles City
    • Helen Packard, Cedar Falls
    • Neva Wilson, Independence

    Front row left to right:

    • Zoe Deo, Cedar Falls
    • Stella Fisher, Waterloo
    • Olive Arthur, Fort Dodge
    • Hazel Maudenson, Council Bluffs
    • Della Gelkerson
    • Katrina Bowles, Cedar Rapids
    • Dorothy Hoffie, Hampton
    • Clarine Halfsos
    • Alice Swenson, Cresco
    • Annie Johnson, Cedar Falls
    • Grace McIntosh, Cedar Falls
    • Gertrude Smith
    • Mabel Murray, Dubuque
    • Winifred Muhs, Camanche
    • Margaret Kelly, Cedar Falls
    • Eva Youhl, Cedar Falls
    • Ionia Bango, Cedar Falls
    • Lillie Robinson, Cedar Falls
    • Maude Keith, Manson
    • Mary Laudio, Manson
  5. Men standing in one long row:


    • Harry Huffman
    • Ed Haas
    • Levi Clark
    • Will Wood
    • John Dunkerton
    • Son Leland (Raymond)
    • Warren Proctor
    • John Hillard
    • Vern Orr
    • Red Hamilton (Frank)
    • Arial Parish
    • Jess Waltens
    • Charlie Cotton
    • John Cherney
  6. Group of students, men and women, outside of a building. Behind them is a banner with "’08".
    • Cannot read
    • Gertrude Farr
    • John Illeman
    • Selina Meyer
    • Frank Sisco
    • Hazel Siddell
    • Paul Feddersen
    • Marie Richter
    • Fenton Jones
    • Belle Swarm
    • Livingston Schuyler
    • Marie Wilcox
    • Hume Campbell
    • Aldie Hill
    • Burrell Sargeant
    • Mabelle Clark
    • Frank McCarthy
    • Boyd Swarm
    • Barbara Miller
    • Ethel Desmond
    • Julia Fairchild
    • Edith O’Hern
    • Edith Ekstrom
    • Alma Stebbins
    • Ertel Shatwell
    • Nellie Behan
    • Margaret Murphy (special family friend-Chicago School principal, Lake View)
    • Lenora Hicks
    • Fay Richardson
    • Bessie Young
    • Florence Richardson
    • Hazel Bock
    • Ruth Malliker (vice president)
    • Eileene Murphy
    • Valeria Blunt
    • Ruth Tufford
    • Rachel Gosnell
    • Nellie Hollinger
    • Bertha Lake
    • Laura Muhs
    • Alice Goldensoph
    • Edith Grote
    • Martha Shumacher
    • Bertha Winkelhaus
    • Verna McCoue
    • Ara Dunham
    • Louse Feddersen (secretary)
    • Francis Shambaugh
    • Alice Miller
    • Edward Nuguist?
    • John Shambaugh
    • Eugene Dunr (treasurer)
    • Thomas Herriter
    • Harry Seiler (president)

Not in the picture are Florence Hollingshead, Laura Bailey, Dwight Seaman, and George Smullin.

Box 3

Photographs of Identified Classmates:

  • Nellie L. Smith, Pitzer, Iowa, 1898
  • Nell Linocker
  • Georgia Knight, Des Moines
  • Edith Gillin
  • Kate Bochmke and Jill Eighmey
  • Kate Bochmke
  • C. M. Harvey, Greenfield
  • Ida Fesenbeck, Danbury, Iowa, December, 1897
  • Ara B. George
  • Emily Motie, Odebolt, Iowa
  • Stella Fisher, Waterloo, Iowa
  • Erma Kraut
  • Fern Farnham
  • Florence Thompson, Vinton, Iowa
  • Carolyn Schultz, LeMars, Iowa
  • Katherine Jenness, Waterloo
  • E. Jones, Sharpsburg, Iowa, Class of 1892

Photograph of group of women with the following names listed on the back of the photo:

  • Norma Greene
  • La Vine Wilson
  • Emma Patton
  • Magaret Bowes
  • Mabel Murray
  • Georgia Byrne
  • Blanche Drees
  • Margaret Patton

Photograph of Winifred Muhs and unidentified person

Unidentified photographs

Photograph labelled Rownd Hall, dated 1895, with the following names listed on the photograph:

  • Sadie French
  • Morton Waldre
  • Naomi Achenbach
  • Nellie Rownd
  • S. C. Smith
  • Cora Stone
  • Gertrude Bagley
  • Mabel McCann
  • Fred Hanus
  • O. M. Harvey
  • Edith Standirk
  • Amy Tompkins
  • H. A. Mueller
  • Nellie Wilder
  • Edith Nelans
  • Roberta Muhs (5th from left in the next to the back row)

Box 4

Photograph of Alpha 1905 - Winifred Muhs is part of the group.  She is the only woman in the picture with glasses.  There is a list of names on the back of the photo but they are difficult to read.

Box 5

Certificates and Diplomas

Mary Muhs

  • Teaching certificate, Story County, 1901
  • Teaching certificate, State of Iowa, July 1, 1896
  • Diploma, Bachelor of Didactics, June 17, 1896
  • Certificate for Practice in Teaching, Iowa State Normal School, 1896
  • Certificate of Scholarship, Iowa State Normal School, June 17, 1896

Margaret Muhs

  • Teaching certificate,  State of Iowa, July 2, 1900
  • Certificate for Practice in Teaching, Iowa State Normal School, 1906
  • Honorary Membership certificate, Alpha Literary Society, Iowa State Normal School
  • Certificate of Scholarship, Iowa State Normal School, December 18, 1895
  • Diploma, Bachelor of Didactics, Iowa State Normal School, December 18, 1895
  • Teaching certificate, State of Iowa, January 1, 1896

Laura Muhs

  • Diploma, Teacher of Piano, Iowa State Teachers College, July 21, 1911
  • Record of Attainment in Scholarship and Training, Iowa State Teachers College, July 21, 1911

Winifred Muhs

  • Diploma, Director of Physical Training, June 13, 1906

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