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Neva Radell Alumni Memorabilia and Photograph Collection

Box 1:


Beaver Lake, NJ, summer home photos

Biographical and genealogical information

Christmas letters, 1969 - 1987


Donations and awards

Friendship Village

Graduation information




Women's Club House, Cedar Falls


Box 2:

Certificate of Promotion, Grammar School to High School, Cedar Falls, 1909.

Certificate, Teacher's Palmer Method of Business Writing, Neva Radell, 1916.

Diploma, M.A., Columbia University, Inez Radell, 1929.

Diploma, M.A., Columbia University, Neva Radell, 1929.

Certificate, Ph.D., New York University, Neva Radell, 1938.

Certificate of Appreciation of UNI-Dome support, nd.

Commemorative Diploma presented to Inez Radell from the Centennial Committee, 1976.

Diploma, Cedar Falls High School, Inez Radell, 1911.Diploma, Cedar Falls High School, Neva Radell, 1913.

Diploma, B.A., Teacher of Home Economics, Iowa State Teachers College, Inez Radell, 1913.

Diploma, B.A., Iowa State Teachers College, Inez Radell, 1916.

Diploma, B.A., Iowa State Teachers College, Neva Radell, 1917.

Red Cross First Aid Certificate, Neva Radell, 1917.

Box 4

Certificate related to 50 years in the American Home Economics Association, Inez Radell, June, 1975. (Given to Bill Calhoun, Alumni Office for Home Economics Department, 3-29-85)

Box 5--Correspondence:

56. Christmas letter, 1969.

57. Christmas letter, 1970. (copy 1)

58. Christmas letter, 1970. (copy 2)

59. Christmas letter, 1971.

60. Christmas letter, 1973.

61. Christmas letter, 1974.

62. Christmas letter, 1975. (copy 1)

63. Christmas letter, 1975. (copy 2)

64. Christmas letter, 1976. (with blank sheet attached)

65. Christmas letter, 1977. (two pages long, copy 1)

66. Christmas letter, 1977. (two pages long, copy 2)

67. Christmas letter, 1978. (copy 1)

68. Christmas letter, 1978. (copy 2)

69. Christmas letter, 1979. (copy 1)

70. Christmas letter, 1979. (copy 2)

71. Christmas letter, 1979. (copy 3)

72. Christmas letter, 1980. (copy 1)

73. Christmas letter, 1980. (copy 2)

74. Christmas letter, 1981. (copy 1)

75. Christmas letter, 1981. (copy 2)

76. Christmas letter, 1981. (copy 3)

77. Christmas letter, 1982.

78. Christmas letter, 1983

79. Diamond, Saul to NHR, October 23, 1981.


Eisenhower, Dwight D. to NHR:



80. "Ike Revealed Early Gift for Leadership" (newsclipping)

81. "Again, Americans Like Ike" (newsclipping)

82. Brief background (typed)

83. Desk souvenir (Columbia University Bicentennial Medal, 1754-1954) with card and card holder.

84. Post card photo of Dwight Eisenhower.

85. Letter to Neva Radell (January 20, 1949) (three pages in length)

86. Letter to Neva Radell (February 3, 1949) (three pages in length)

87. Letter to Neva Radell (February 24, 1949) (three pages in length)

88. Getchell, R. W. to NHR, February 17, 1921.

89. Hake, Herb, memo to NHR, (with name tag from February 17, 1971)

90. "Inez Eleanor Radell, 1893-1981" (letter from NHR to friends concerning the death of her sister) (copy 1)

91. Copy 2.

93. Kamerick, UNI President John to NHR and IER, July 8, 1980.

93. Maloney, Sister Elizabeth Ann to NHR, June 18, 1981.

94. Redfern, Nancy to IER, January 16, 1980.

95. Robinson, James L. to NHR, March 19, 1980.

96. Siegwald, Peter A. to NHR, June 3, 1981.

97. Waller, Robert J. to NHR, May 14, 1981.

98. Anthony, Wm. V. to NHR and IER, June 13, 1969. (two pages)

99. Aruand, Miriam Hansen to NHR, April 20, 1970.

100. Friendship Village, UNI Group Organization: This material includes news releases, membership list, minutes, pictures, correspondence, news articles, and bulletin board material.

Box 6--Biography and Genealogy:

101. Biographical data sheets on Inez, Neva, J. C., and Sarah Radell.

102. Explanation of the genealogy chart of Michael F. Radell, 1793-1871.

103. Genealogy projects.


105. First Monday, February, 1981, Reagan Inauguration Issue.

106. Reagan Inaugural Commemorative Invitation.

107. Bicentennial Flag Decal

108. Bicentennial Calendar, 1976

109. Graphic Design in name and address plate of NHR

110. U.S. Capitol Historical Society Calendar, 1981 (2 calendars)

111. ERA pin

112. Four coasters with the four different school names and seals

114. Two State College of Iowa emblems

115. University of Northern Iowa emblem

116. UNI reunion pin

117. Business Education Club pin

118. "page holder" (Gregg bookmark and copyholder)

119. Brick from Gilchrist Hall (1882--loss by fire--1972)

120. Copper plate inscribed to IER from student in foods class, 1942

121. "Property of" page from 1917 yearbook

122. "Colonial Penman"--reproduced print by Grant Wood

123. Four Gregg Shorthand and Typewriting Award pins, 1930's

124. N. H. Radell nameplate

125. Expert Teacher Award pin

126. "Castle Village"--New York City (booklet)

127. Ink blotter (Jefferson Memorial)

128. Nameplate--member, President's Club, UNI Foundation (wood from elm tree removed for the building of the Union)

129. Expert Gregg Medal--140 words a minute

130. Nameplate from the President's Club dinner, September 20, 1972 (brick from Gilchrist Hall)

131. Two imprinted cards--"The Radells"

132. The 1981 Inaugural Story

Box 7--Newsclippings:

133. "Business is Her Way of Life"

134. "Chamber Set To Begin New Drive"

135. "Class Day Observed"

136. Class Scrap Was Rather Exciting"

137. Demitasse Cup Clippings (included is "Historical Background . . .")

138. "Dr. Radell And Francis Garity Are Honored At ETA Testimonial" (2 Copies)

139. "First Women Business Graduate Establishes Graduate Fellowship Fund"

140. "Getting Down To Business: Hardware Dealer" (2 copies) (Included is an account sheet from the J. C. Radell Hardware Store)

141. Lecture series clippings

142. "Radell Sisters Are 1st Ellen H. Richards Fellows"

143. Recipients of Service Awards, May, 1970

144. "Retiring Nutritionist Is Feted"

145. "She's Highest Paid Teacher"

146. Woman's Club clippings (included are the bronze table inscriptions)


147. Class of 1917, May, 1967

148. ISTC faculty

149. Group of girls, c. 1912 (high school photo)

150. High school class of 1913

151. Alpha Society float in 1916 ISTC parade (2)

152. Inez's college graduation, 1916 (LOANED OUT TO NEVA RADELL, (Neva called to say that she has this photo in June of 1985)).

153. Neva's college graduation, 1917 (copy 1)

154. Photograph of NHR by Veatch, used in photographic competition, c. 1913.

155. IER, 1942 (2)

156. NHR, 1942 (loaned to Neva Radell, 3-29-82)

157. Car driving through large tree in California, 1921

158. Woman's Club House, 1939

159. NHR in doctor's robe, 1953

160. NHR in doctor's robe, 1953--copy 2

161. IER and NHR with Pauline Sauer and the Demitasse Cup Collection

162. Five Year Anniversary of Friendship Village residents who are UNI graduates and former students

163. 1979 photo of NHR (red dress) taken by UNI department

164. IER and NHR on mule ride to bottom of Grand Canyon, 1921

165. NHR and IER with Lee Miller in front of UNI-Dome "Radell Sisters Entrance," September, 1980

166. IER receiving gift of appreciation, College of St. Elizabeth, 1963

167. 191- photograph of NHR

168. Picture postcard Friendship Village, Waterloo

Programs and Invitations:

169. Programs and invitation from Columbia University

170. Cedar Falls High School commencement invitation, 1913

171. Commencement program, 1916 (3)

172. Commencement program, 1917

173. Commencement program, 1952 (35th Anniversary)

174. Baccalaureate Address, 1917

175. Card honoring President Seerley's 80th birthday

176. Invitation to IER from the College of Saint Elizabeth for the opening of a new Center for Independent Living, 1977

UNI Alumni Reunions:

177. Alumni luncheon, 1917

178. Reunion schedule, 1977

179. Eighty-fourth Annual Reunion, 1967

180. Sixty-ninth Annual Reunion, 1952

181. Ninety-fourth Reunion, 1977 (2)

182. Photo from The Alumnus of NHR and Lawrence M. Jepson, 1977

183. Photo from The Alumnus of reunions held in 1972, 1975, 1976

184. "1876-1976 UNI Centennial," The Alumnus, pp. 11-18

Box 8--Photographs:

185. 1947 photograph of NHR taken in NYC

186. 1972 photograph of IER

187. 1913 photograph of NHR (white dress gathered in front with lace and sequins on upper portion) (Veatch)

188. 191- photograph of NHR (CHECKED OUT TO NEVA RADELL  3-26-84)

189. 1910 photograph of NHR (oval) (Veatch)

Box 9

190. Photos of demitasse collection (3 mounted boards)

191. Photo of Inez, Neva and Pauline Sauer at demitasse collection

192. Smithsonian Catalogue

193. "Copy of Cup at UNI" article

Box 10

194. Cards from Cedar Falls Public Library Display

195. Photos of Neva Radell with Cedar Falls Public Library display

196. Beaver Lake, NJ, summer home (Sussex Co.), (30 photos)

197. Women's Club improvements with photos (26 pages + 10 photos)

198. Lists of Radell Sisters' cash gifts (2 pages)

199. Radell family items on file, reverse is letter to Saul Diamond regarding Sturgis Falls parade, 1982

200. Photo of mechanical banks and Hobbies article

201. Cedar Falls Public Library--The Influence of the Radell Family (4 pages)

Box 11

202. Two mounted articles on J. C. Radell, Sarah Radell, and Theresa Sartori, 1974 and 1983, with illustrative photos (checked out to Dan Stetson for Neva Radell, 7-29-85)

Box 12

203. Women's Club improvements (mounted board)

Box 13

204. Cedar Falls activities--Chamber of Commerce donations, Ice House donations, Historical Society donations (mounted board)

Box 14

205. Cedar Falls Public Library photos--Neva Radell with Library board (mounted board)

Box 15

206. Framed photo of NHR (red dress)

Box 16

207. Master Builder framed drawing, 1977 (Ice House Fund Drive)

Box 17

208. Photo of chair

209. Newspaper article by Herb Hake on J. C. Radell

210. Newspaper article on Sarah Radell and Theresa Sartori

211. Photos of Neva Radell at her desk

212. Mounted copy of "Eating Habits of Teenagers"

213. Mounted copy of A.D.A. Foundation information (checked out by Neva 2-25-86--not returned with other ADA material checked out at the same time)

214. UNI Alumni Association promotional sheet

215. Photo and article about mechanical banks

216. A.H.E.A. plaque photograph

217. Newspaper article on Sister Anita Richard Heilenday as Home Economics of the year for 1983.

218. Program and reception (Remarks made at dedication of display cabinets, May, 1984)

219. Invitation for presentation of display cabinets

220. Article "Neva Radell Donates Four Display Cabinets to UNI"

221. Radell Reception (May 1, 1984)

222. Letter from Virginia Voberil Belward (2 pages)

223. Letter from Mrs. Bertram B. Otto, March 31, 1984

224. Letter to NHR from College of Saint Elizabeth

225. Letter from Francis Pardoe, President of UNI Foundation

226. Letter from Edna P. Langholz, President of ADA Foundation

227. Letter to NHR from Mary Franken

228. Letter to Joseph M. Ruffo from Mary Franken

229. Letter to Josephine McGivern from Mary Franken

230. Letter to Mrs. Kenneth Roberts from Mary Franken

231. Letter to Mary Bronson from Mary Franken

232. Letter to Mrs. Lynne Beykirch from Mary Franken

233. Letter to Todd Kimberly from Mary Franken

234. Inez Eleanor Radell, sole donor graduate home economics . . .

235. Article from The Nation's Schools: "Eating Habits of Teenagers"

236. Obituary of Inez E. Radell from The Record, May 5, 1981

237. Photocopy of card: "The Influence of the Radell Family on Cedar Falls . . ."

Box 18

238. 1925 photograph of NHR taken in NYC.

239. Suggested revisions of the Basic 7 with photo and label. (Used for Nutrition Week)

240. The Iowa Dietetic Association Fall Meeting, October 31, 1984. "Pinning on the ribbons" with plastic cover.

241. ADA pamphlet

242. ADA Foundation--Dr. Radell honored

243. NHR Biography and family history with signature of NHR on card.

244. 1984 Christmas letter

245. National Nutrition Time--March 1984, ADA Foundation.

246. Ellen H. Richards fellows and copy of plaque

247. Reagan-Bush 1984 bumper sticker

248. The influence of the Radell Family . . .

249. C.F. Library. (2 photos, 3 newsclippings, NHR biography and family history, Invest in Your Library)

250. The Sartori Legacy by Neva Henrietta Radell

251. Photo of Neva Radell at Sartori Hospital Open House, Aug. 25, 1985. First copy of the booklet The Sartori Legacy is being presented to NHR, author.

252. Christmas letter, 1985 (2 pages in length).

253. Inez's college graduation, 1916 (2 copies) NOTE: These are photocopies only, given to us by Neva Radell thru Mary Moothart.

Box 19

254. "Radell reunion" The Record, May 31, 1969. (Photocopy)

255. Photograph with list of names, Radell-Redel Family Reunion, May 30-31, 1969.

256. "Woman's Club House of Friendship's doors swing wide" The Record, October 24, 1973. (Photo of NHR, IER, and Mrs. Robert Berg attached) NOTE: This was attached to item #190 when returned to us by NHR.

257. Copy of Village View (newsletter of Friendship Village Retirement Center), January 1985 issue.

258. Copy of Columns, Bimonthly newsletter of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, April/May 1986.

259. "Radell Lecture Series" poster, Monday, April 12, 1982.

260. J. C. Radell Family Gallery poster from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin opening on April 19, 1986.

261. Photo of Inez and Neva Radell, August 1979.

262. Photo of Neva Henrietta Radell taken in New York about 1940.

263. Photo of Inez Eleanor Radell taken about 1940.

264. "She'll Save You Money" (4 pages, partly duplicated) newsclipping)).

265. Letter to readers in response to story "She'll Save You Money," by Neva H. Radell on April 2, 1954 (New York City) - 2 copies.

266. Accounting for the Individual and Family By Neva Henrietta Radell, Ph.D. with Workbook (advertisement only for book).

267. "Financial Planning for the Individual and Family," by Neva H. Radell, 1948.

268. "Business Is Her Way of Life," Waterloo Courier, November 11, 1973 (newsclipping).

269. "Miss Radell Honored" (magazine article, 1939)

270. "Getting down to business: Pioneers, Prophets and Professors," Hardware dealer, J. C. Radell, August 29, 1974 (photocopied newsclipping).

271. Photograph of Neva Henrietta Radell, 1967, New York (photocopy).

272. "J. C. Radell Family Gallery" fact sheet and accompanying color photo of Neva at museum opening (April 19, 1986). Also included are 2 photocopies of the photograph.

273. American Dietetic Association: Neva Henrietta Radell, member since 1936. Sole donor graduate M.B.A. Fellowship.

274. J. C. Radell Family Gallery fact sheet (11 x 17).

275. The J. C. Radell Family (photograph, 11 x 17).

276. NHR sketch, July 1978 (page 2 only).

277. Christmas letter, 1986 (4 copies).

278. Christmas letter, 1987.

279. J. C. Radell's Funeral Service fact sheet (2 copies).

280. Eulogy delivered at funeral of J. C. Radell, August 14, 1930 (2 sheets).

Box 20

281. Dietitian's Food Favorites (photocopy of cover of book given to NHR by Dan Lambert to commemorate her visit to Chicago and the ADA Foundation on June 18 and 19, 1986).

282. Letter to NHR from H. Nicholas Muller III, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, concerning life membership of NHR, August 28, 1986.

283. ADA recognition of NHR as First Bronze Plaque Developer, 1983.

284. "Boatright leaves UNI" (photocopy of newsclipping).--On back of sheet: Letter to NHR from Kevin Boatright, August 22, 1986).

285. "Dr. Radell and Francis Garrity are Honored at ETA Testimonial" (photocopy of newsclipping)--Back contains photocopied newsclipping: Retiring Nutritionist is Feted, Englewood New Jersey, June 15, 1965.

286. Photocopy of photograph: Sarah Richtman and friend, 1886.

287. Photocopy of photograph: Sara Radell (age 29) with Inez Eleanor--first child--August 9, 1899, 4 months old).

288. Photocopy of photograph: Sarah Richtman before 1886.

289. Photocopy of photograph: J. C. Radell standing in J. C. Radell Hardware Store, October 1915.

290. Photocopy of photograph: Inez Radell, June, 1968 (age 75)

291. Photograph of Inez Radell, June, 1968 (age 75)

292. Photocopy of photograph: Frederick Radell family, Palmyra, Wisconsin, 1874.

293. Photocopy of photograph: Julius C. Radell, 1871-72.

294. Photocopy of photograph: NHR with President Curris, May 1, 1984; Dr. Leland A. Thomson with NHR, May 1, 1984.

295. Photograph: Dr. Neva Radell signs check for $25,000 for new Med-Center.

296. Photograph: Home Management House Seniors - Retirement Party for Inez Radell, 1963.

297. Drawing of Castle Village (mounted on board).

298. View of Neva Radell's apartment on Riverside Drive (mounted on board).

299. Three exterior photographs of Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce mounted on board indicating money given by NHR for father's and mother's memberships in the amount of $1,000 each.

300. Eleven photographs of NHR and Home Economics Department members, display cases donated by Inez Radell, Mary Franken, President Curris, Lee Miller, Dan Stetson, Saul Diamond, Cleta Huber (Dietetic major), Sarah Radell's personal sewing machine given to department, and others.

301. Neva Henrietta Radell at Med-Center opening (Friendship Village) and list of all Radell gifts (3 photographs).

302. Village View, August 1987 (Friendship Village newsletter).

303. Invitation from Department of Home Economics for presentation of four custom-made display cabinets to the UNI Department of Home Economics in recognition of Inez Eleanor Radell (1893-1981), May 1, 1984.

304. Photograph of Henrietta Thornton, Iowa State Normal School (started art teaching, 1895) against background of Wright Hall entrance.

305. Christmas letter, 1980 (copy 3).

306. Christmas letter, 1981 (copy 3).

307. Christmas letter, 1982 (copy 2).

308. Obituary of Inez Eleanor Radell, The Record, May 5, 1981. Advertisement at bottom of page for "Radell Sisters Tea Shop," New York City. (laminated photocopy of newsclipping)

309. "Business is Her Way of Life," Waterloo Courier, November 11, 1973 (laminated photocopy of newsclipping)

310. "College of St. Elizabeth Graduating Seniors in Home Economics Presenting I.E.R. with gift of appreciation" (laminated photocopy of photograph)

311. "Dr. Radell and Francis Garrity are Honored at ETA Testimonial," Press Journal, Englewood, New Jersey, June 16, 1965 (laminated photocopy of newsclipping)

Box 21

  1. "Radell Gifts" poster (14" x 30") (laminated)

Box 22

313. Photocopy of Certificate, Teacher's Palmer Method of Business Writing, Neva Radell, 1916; Framed - Presented to School of Business, UNI, 1980

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