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UNI Student Association

Record Series: 

UNI Student Association (UNISA).  Papers, (1965-1990).   13.55 linear feet.


Box 1

Announcements and brochures; constitution and by-laws, including operating procedures of supreme court of UNISA; the student magazine, Nutshell, 1975-; Review of the Constitution of the Faculty of UNI by UNISA; Senate Handbook which gives guidelines and procedures of UNISA for UNISA senators; UNISA Activity and Special Event Calendar, 1974-75; Course and Teacher Evaluation Handbook (CATE).

Box 2

Financial records related to budget and finance for 1967-75; Budget and Finance Committee materials which consists of minutes, attendance lists, budgets, budget recommendations; Iowa Student Leadership Conference Accounts, 1975, which consists of bank savings book, checks, bank statements, receipts; Deposits and checks for ROC party, 1970; American Foreign Students Relations Committee Reports, 1968; State Legislative Papers, which includes Legislative Approach Accounts, correspondence and brochures on tax credit plans, plans to cut college cost, and a list of Iowa State Senate and House Representatives; Program events; Freshman Record 1974, which includes correspondence and agreements relating to publishing a Freshman Record.

Box 3

Invoices, 1968-75, receipts relating to office supplies, flowers, luncheons, parties, advertising, etc.; Student Assistant and Rate of Pay, 1974-75; Account Ledgers, 1968-76, which consists of ledger books, Account Expenditure Reports, disbursement ledgers, charges against budget allowances, cash balance ledgers, income ledgers, expense ledgers, and audits (1973), and Departmental Expense Vouchers.

Box 4

Requisitions for office supplies, food and gas reimbursements, newspaper delivery, and payroll checks request and time sheets, etc., 1968-75.

Box 5

Minutes and newsclippings, 1965-1971.

Box 6

1971-1972 records including: Minutes, Ad Hoc Committee on Grading, Budget, Correspondence, Faculty-Student Evaluation, Operating Procedures of UNISA Supreme Court, Student Health Committee.

1972-1973 records including: Minutes, Budget, By-laws, Correspondence, Members/Committees, Nondiscrimination Policy Statement, President's Reports, Procedure for Redress of Undergraduate Student Grievances, Reports (Official Record), Special Events Council, Student Governments of Iowa (SGI), Student Organizations, Tuition Fee and Student Activity Fee Distribution.

1973-1974 records including: Minutes, Budget, Committees, Constitution, Correspondence, Faculty Survey, General (Official Record), General Statement on Missions and Goals, Presidential Committees (Kamerick).

Box 7

1974-1975 records including: Minutes, Budget/Expenses, Committees, Correspondence, Current Student Issues Survey, Election Results, General, Grievances - Student Academic, Iowa Student Coalition Bylaws, Newspaper/Magazine, Pass/No Credit Grading Report, President's Report, Privacy Legislation, Reports, Review of Faculty Constitution, Tutoring Program.

1975-1976 records including: Minutes, Budget, Constitutional Restructure, Correspondence, General, ISPIRG, Org. and Finance Committee, President's Reports.

1976-1977 records including: Minutes, Budget Hearings, Other Documents.

Box 8

1977-1978 records including: Minutes, Budgets, By-laws, Committees, Constitution, general category, IaPIRG, IRUSC, NSA-NSL Merger, National Student Congress Reports, Parliamentary Procedure Handbook, Presidential Reports, Reports, Senators Handbook--2nd edition, Student Coalition Bylaws.

1978-1979 records including: Official Record, Consumer Protection Division Handbook

Box 9

1979-1980 records including: Minutes, Academic Master Planning, Budget Hearings.

1980-1981 records including: Minutes, Official Records, Annual Report Forms (Fraternities, Governmental Student Organizations, Honoraries, Interest Organizations, Provisional Organizations, Religious, Sororities), Budget Hearings, Consumer Protection, Unanswered CPS cases, Educational Policies Commission.

Box 10

1981-1982 records including: Minutes, Official Record (April-July, 1981), Academic Master Planning, Applications for Appointed Positions and Elected UNISA Senate Positions, Budget Hearings, Committee on Curricula, Committees, Correspondence.

Box 11

1981-1982 records continued: EOP Grievances, Election Returns, Official Record--Fall '81, General Education Committee, Official Record--January-March 1982, Newspaper Articles.

Box 12

1981-1982 records continued:. Newspaper Articles, Organization and Finance Committee, Parliamentary Procedure/Senate Rules, Posters, Recognized Student Organizations, Senate and Executive, Senate By-laws, Senate Handbook, Summer Interim Committee.

1982-1983 records including: Minutes and Bills, Official Record, (April-July 1982), Newspaper Articles (April-July 1982).

Box 13

1982-1983 records continued: EOP Evaluation Reports (EOP, GEOP, UNICUE, Upward Bound, EMCEC), "Get Out the Vote" (Communication with UNI Administration and Lawyers, Legal Documents, Literature, Polling Place Change, Recruiting Volunteers, Misc.), Official Record (August-December, 1982), Newspaper Articles (August-December 1982).

Box 14

1983-1984 records including: Minutes, Official Record, Bills, Budget Hearings, United Student Association.

1984-1985 records including: Minutes, Case studies (Supreme Court files), 1983-84 Year-end report; 1984-85 Minutes, year-end report; 1985-86 minutes, calendar of events, bills; 1986-87 minutes, year-end report, senate bills SS87-1--, SSR87-1 Resolutions; 1988-89 minutes, bills and resolutions, Supreme Court Case Studies, Constitution (Amendments correct to February 1988), Senate By-Laws (Amendments correct to February, 1988), Organization and Finance Committee Guidelines (Amended January 25, 1987), Operating Procedures of the Supreme Court, October 7, 1971 (Revised March 31, 1986).

Box 15

1989-1990 records including: Minutes, Bills, Resolutions, Constitution, Amendments, Committee Guidelines.


Records added to collection summer, 1992


Box 1 Financial Records

  • UNISA Billings--Things UNISA was billed for in 1988 such as photocopies.
  • Fiscal Year Monthly Summaries--1988 and 1989.
  • Balance for 1984
    • Balance for 1985
    • Student Association Accounts 31110 and 31117
    • Student Organization Funding--Proposed activities budgets for 1979-80 through 1986-87, listings of student organizations and how to get recognized.
    • Student Activities Fees Funding Requests 1983-84--Fiscal year 1983-84.
    • Guidelines for Finance Committee--Amended January 24 and May 2, 1989, UNI Accounting Code Manual.
    • Budget Committee Materials--Sample of how to fill out budget request forms, lists of budget meetings, correspondence and balance sheets.
    • Budget Request Forms: 1982-83, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990.
    • General Accounts, 1985-1987.


Box 2


UNISA Job Applicants/Employees--Job applications and student employee handbooks.


Student Issues

    • Alcohol and Drug Resource Catalogs--Catalogs with informational films and guest speakers.
    • Drugs--Pamphlets and articles dealing with various narcotics.
    • Alcohol--Pamphlets and booklets dealing with alcohol and alcoholism.
    • African American Issues--Booklets dealing African American concerns.
    • Tailgating--Articles stating positive or negative opinions on tailgating.
    • Off-Campus Housing--Handbook dealing with off-campus housing.
    • Telephone Service Fees--Booklets and articles dealing with long-distance telephone service at UNI.
    • AIDS--Booklets and articles dealing with AIDS awareness and prevention.
    • Women's Issues, Rape, Sexual Abuse--Booklets and informational materials dealing with these issues.




    • Miscellaneous Issues of Concern--Deals with such issues as computers and mailboxes.
    • Residence Hall Programming Guides and UNI Survival Guides
    • Correspondence--U.S. Congress and Senate, University Faculty Members, and UNISA Senators.
    • Supreme Court Letters and Applications--Letters by the court and applications for people aspiring to be UNISA Supreme Court Justices.



    • Promotional Materials--Voting fliers, guest speakers, and student programs.
    • President's Reports--May 1988 through December 1988.
    • Student Bookstore--Constitution, guidelines, requests, and correspondence.
    • Proposals, Constitution, and By-laws--Congress directory, 1989-90 Senate Handbook, senate members listings, UNISA Constitutions from February 1989 to October 1989, and a proposal for tenants rights.
    • Resolutions in the Senate--1985-1987 (SSR 85-SSR 87).
    • Bills in the Senate--1985-1987 (SS 85-SS 87).
    • Minutes--1985 through 1989.
    • UNISA Newsletters
    • Room and Board
    • Student Affairs
    • Board of Student Publications
    • Colombia Exchange
    • National United Life Insurance project, 1989
    • EOP Evaluation, 1982


Box 3


Financial Records (unprocessed): Requisitions and account sheets for 1982-1990


These records were brought to Special Collections by several officers of student government in the summer of 1992. The records were processed, arranged, and inventoried by student intern Eric Schlarmann in the spring semester of 1994. The finding aid was edited by Gerald L. Peterson. November 1994.




Records added to collection October, 1996


Box 1


    • Academics--Miscellaneous, 1985-89
    • Active Coalition to Inform and Organize Northern Iowa Students (ACTION)
    • Activity Fee, 1985-90
    • Activity Fee for Allocation Request 1993
    • Affirmative Action
    • Athletics, 1987
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1986-88
    • Bills and Laws
    • Board of Student Publications, 1989
    • Campus Lighting, 1988-89
    • Cartoon (landmark) Map, 1985
    • Cedar Falls City Council Minutes, 1987-89
    • Civil Rights, 1964-72


    • Age 21, 1985
    • Calendar, 1989-90
    • University
    • University Committee on Curricula, 1987
    • University Speakers Committee


Constitution and Bylaws
Copyright Laws


      • Dody Olsen, President, 1984-85
      • Mike Hager, VP Finance, 1984-85
      • Mike Hager, President, 1985-86
      • Connie Hessburg, President, 1986-87
      • Michelle Wubben, President, 1987-88
      • David Sanders, President, 1988-89
      • David Boyer, President, 1989-90
    • Departmental Review Procedures, 1984
    • Earth Day, 1989
    • Faculty Senate, 1985-86
    • Financial Aid, 1983-88
    • Financial Aid--Survey, 1986
    • Financial Reports, 1984-85
    • Golf Course, 1985
    • Graduate College, 1986
    • Health Fees, 1988-92
    • Information Systems and Computing Services
    • International Students
    • Iowa Legislature
    • Iowa State Board of Regents, 1981-83
    • Iowa State Board of Regents--Code Violation, 1989


Box 2


    • Leadership and Order of Omega
    • Leadership Studies and Committees, 1989-90
    • Legislative Higher Education Task Force, 1989
    • Letterhead
    • Library Automation, 1987
    • Meeting Minutes, 1983-84
    • Miscellaneous
    • Monthly Reports, 1987-90
    • Off-Campus Housing
    • Office--UNISA, 1989-90
    • Old Administration Building
    • Open Meetings, 1987
    • Parents Council, 1988
    • Parietal Rule
    • Parietal Rule--Survey
    • Parking, 1990
    • Plans and Projects
    • Policies and Procedures
    • President (UNISA), 1986-87
    • Privacy Act, 1974
    • Program Duplication and Peat Marwick Study, 1989
    • ROTC, 1984-85
    • Recognized Organizations, 1984-86
    • Residence Hall Association, 1987-88
    • Residence Halls, 1983-90
    • "Rights and Responsibilities"
    • Scholarships, 1984
    • Senate Composition--Proposal
    • Senate--UNISA, 1984-85
    • Senate Minutes--UNISA, 1985-87
    • Solicitation Rule
    • State Government, 1988
    • Student Activities Budget, 1984-87
    • Student Fees
    • Student Organization Office--Computer, 1985
    • Student Organization Recognition, 1989-90
    • Student Organization Space, 1984
    • Student Organization Space--Survey, 1984
    • Substance Abuse, 1989
    • Summer Orientation, 1990
    • Tapper Keg Ordinance
    • Tenure


Box 3


    • Traffic Control--23rd and Campus Streets, 1984-85
    • Tuition, 1980-91
    • Tuition--Correspondence/Press, 1987
    • Tuition--Regents Economic Data, 1987
    • UNI Foundation, 1987-88
    • United Savings Associates (USA), 1987-88
    • United States--Bills, 1975-76
    • United States Student Association (USSA), 1985-88
    • United Students of Iowa (USI)--Fees, 1983-84
    • United Students of Iowa (USI), 1985-90
    • University of Iowa--Collegiate Associations Council, 1989
    • University of Iowa--Studies and Reports, 1989
    • University Planning
    • University Policies
    • Voter Registration Drive--Project UNI-Vote, 1984
    • Wellness/Recreation Center, 1984-85
    • Year-End Reports--UNISA, 1982-84

Finding aid for this addendum prepared by Susan Witthoft, Library Assistant, October, 1996.

Last modified: September 20, 2001 (SB). Linear Feet updated September 17, 2017.

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