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MsC-1 Iowa Educational Media Association. Records. 1921- (FA)

MsC-2 Iowa Association for Counseling and Development (formerly the Iowa Personnel and Guidance Association).  Records, 1961- (FA)

MsC-3 Iowa Vocational Association. Records. 1949-77. (FA)

MsC-4 Waterloo Urban Ministry. Records. 1968-78. (FA)

MsC-5 College Hill Interdenominational Church. Records. 1926-66. (FA)

MsC-6 Iowa Committee on Secondary School and College Relations. Records. 1911-65. (FA)

MsC-7 Lindsay Seals. c. 1840. Lecture notebook. 1839-40.

MsC-8 Anonymous MS on Education. c. 1870.

MsC-9 College Hill Merchants Association. Records.

MsC-10 Diane Brandt, 1938- . Papers. (FA)

MsC-11 League of Women Voters of Black Hawk-Bremer Counties. Records. 1952-74. (FA)

MsC-12 Black Hawk County Medical Society. Records, 1876-1969. (FA)

MsC-13 Siberius Y. Saito, 1908-80. Sketches, 1942. (FA)

MsC-14 Bryan-Chehock Family History. 1897-1997.

MsC-15 Cottontop Cooperative Society. Records.

MsC-16 Flora L. Bailey, d. 1974. Letters, sketches, 1939-49. (FA)

MsC-17 Iowa Association of Cooperative Education. Records. (FA)

MsC-18 Wynegar Oral History Collection. (FA)

MsC-19 James T. Martin, c. 1910- . "Learning the 'Wright' Way" (Memoir of working on Cedar Rock with Frank Lloyd Wright)

MsC-20 Iowa Civil Liberties Union. Records. (FA)

MsC-21 Iowa Historical Materials Preservation Society. Records.

MsC-22 Peter Hoffmann, 1930- . Papers, 1962-8. (FA)

MsC-23 William L. Cramer, c. 1955- . Papers, 1973. (FA)

MsC-24 Collection of Old Newspapers, 1798- (FA)

MsC-25 Steven Maravetz, c. 1957- . Manuscript, History of Minor League Baseball in Waterloo, Iowa, 1904-18. (FA)

MsC-26 Willard R. Hansen, 1931- . Papers. 1979-81. (FA)

MsC-27 Joe Berg Foundation Science Seminar. Papers. 1959-68. (FA)

MsC-28 Ted J. Anderson, 1943- . Papers, 1979- . (FA)

MsC-29 Elizabeth C. Harnack. Diary. 1907-1908.

MsC-30 Charles E. Grassley Papers

MsC-31 Women in Communications, Northeast Iowa Chapter.

MsC-32 Farm Crisis Collection, 1980s.

MsC-33 Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

MsC-34 Central District, American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

MsC-35 Iowa Natural History Association. Records

MsC-36 Ruth Suckow Collection

MsC-37 Wilma Leslie Garnett Collection

MsC-38 Eugene Francis Grossman Collection

MsC-39 Ida Dytch. Papers

MsC-40 Louis Krauss and Emil Seifert. Amana Society Account Books

MsC-41 Papers of Indenture, c. 1667

MsC-42 Grace Myers Elliott. Diaries and Photographs

MsC-43 Illinois Central Railroad Rules and Regulations Books, 1920-1940

MsC-44 Betty Jean Furgerson. Interview, 1992

MsC-45 "Century of Progress" Guides and Souvenirs, 1933

MsC-46 George Poage German Pamphlet Collection

MsC-47 Grade and Attendance Book, Happy Hollow School No. 9, O'Brien County, Iowa, 1937-1945

MsC-48 Lynn Cutler. Papers

MsC-49 Donald Dean Avenson. Papers

MsC-50 Clarence Baldwin, 1896-1988. History of Waterloo Public Library, c. 1984

MsC-51 June Walters Bryan. "Memories of Clarke County Iowa One-Room Rural School, 1924-1942"

MsC-52 American Federation of Musicians, Waterloo Local 334 and Oelwein Local 483 Papers

MsC-53 William George Witt. Papers

MsC-54 Leon Mosley. Papers.

MsC-55 Freisian Family Collection

MsC-56 Elizabeth Bennett - Harriet Brainard Correspondence, 1896-1897

MsC-57 Roy White Collection

MsC-58 Citizens for Peace (FA)

MsC-59 Richard Panek Waterloo Diamonds Collection (FA)

MsC-60 Irma Dovey Papers (FA)

MsC-61 William Thomas Pettit Papers (FA)

MsC-62 Cedar Arts Forum, Records, Publications, and Papers (FA)

MsC-63 Baby Care Pamphlets (FA)

MsC-64 Adene Sadie Kerstetter Leupold Papers (FA)

MsC-65 College Hill Arts Festival (FA)

MsC-66 Miller Family Papers (FA)

MsC-67 Practical Discourses on the Virtues and Duties of the Monastic State, by a monk of Melleray Abbey, 1826 (FA)

MsC-68 Jerre Tanner Collection

MsC-69 Harvey J. Hess Collection

MsC-70 Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, Track and Field Advisory Committee records, 1968-2004

MsC-71 Agnes Hanus Collection, 1919-1936

MsC-72 Letter from John Ruskin, 1864

MsC-73 Letter regarding first surgical use of ether, 1899

MsC-74 Letter from Clara Barton to Fitzroy Sessions, 1906

MsC-75 Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival, 2006-2011

MsC -76 Central Association for Physical Education in Higher Education.  Records, 1971-1990

MsC-77 C. Hugh Pettersen papers

MsC-78 Iowa Mathematics and Science Coalition.  Records, 1990-2011

MsC-79 Ella Pullman's Teaching Certificates, 1876-1901

MsC-80 Hovey Brom Architectural Collection

MsC-81 May E. Francis Collection

MsC-82 Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection

MsC-83 John Thomas Collection

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