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Undergraduate Guide to Rod Library

 Welcome to Rod Library! We're here to help you make your academic career at UNI a success.

Please come and ask us if you have a question about Rod Library or finding the resources you need for your academic work. No question is too small or too dumb! We realize this is a large library and, consequently, not self-explanatory. See you at the Library!

Understanding the Library

Where things are and how to do things

Doing Research at the Rod

How to start your research and find appropriate resources

My Library Accounts

  1. Patrons can view which library materials they have checked out.
  2. Patrons can renew the library materials that they have checked out.
  3. Patrons can view their personal information including address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  4. Patrons can add or edit their e-mail address. Telephone or address changes should be reported via the "Update my personal information" section of MyUNIverse.

Specific Research Needs

How to find biographical, statistical, pro/con, and newspaper articles and reviews of books, movies, and music 

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