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Work Space and Equipment for Team Projects

Rod Library has 20 group study rooms that will be helpful for students working on team projects. Six of the 20 have desktop computers with Internet access and programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Rod Library also has several laptop computers available for student checkout at the MultiService Center on the first floor of the Rod Library. The laptops can be checked out for three hours of use in the building. They have wireless network access and standard Microsoft programs. A student's own laptop can be used to access the UNI network in the Rod Library building, via wireless or hard wired connection, after registering at the ITS Consulting Center in the ITTC. See this page for more details. Rod Library also is setting up computers with two monitors for group work. The first two to be set up are located on the main floor of the library, south of the reference collection, and on the west side. Finally, group study areas have been arranged in locations on the first, second, and third floors. You will find the greatest change in furniture arrangement in the main study area on the west side of second floor.