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Accounting Standards Added to RIA CheckPoint

The AICPA, FASB, and GASB standards are now available through RIA CheckPoint (generic logon). RIA CheckPoint can be accessed: 1. On the Rod Library home page under Databases A-Z 3. and on this page of the Business Portal 3. Or through this direct link Here are two ways to access the standards, if you are using a link that does not take you directly to the standards. After reaching RIA CheckPoint, note the "Search Practice Area" drop-down in the upper left corner of the screen. Change this from Federal to "Acct, Audit, & Corp Finance." AICPA, FASB, and GASB will appear on the right side of the screen. A particular standards body can be checked and then searched. Another approach is to click the Table of Contents link on the right side of the screen. Then click the + sign next to Accounting, Audit & Corporate Finance Library, then the + sign next to Regulations and Standards. Continue drilling down, by clicking the + sign next to AICPA, FASB, or GASB. Or, click a particular standards body and do a keyword search. Two people can access the standards at the same time. The standards cannot be accessed from personal accounts.