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Business FAQ

A group of large business libraries, led by the University of Pennsylvania, has developed a "Business FAQ" which serves as a tool to find the best sources, databases, and data sets on various topics. Other business libraries, mainly at PhD-granting unversities, have modified the FAQ to fit their circumstances. Some of the recommended sources are free and others are licensed by Penn. Rod Library subscribes to some of the licensed sources. Check UNISTAR, the library catalog, to see if Rod Library has a particular subscription database listed on the Penn Business FAQ...or Ask Us! at Rod Library. The Business FAQ can be browsed or searched. To give an idea of the content, the listing under Finance includes dozens of questions (and answers); here are the first five questions: How do I find analyst reports (investment bank reports)? How do I find bank rates, including mortgage rates? Where do I find info on American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)? How do I find current betas for companies and/or industries? How do I find data and information on bonds?