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ABI/INFORM Goes Complete

The publisher of ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest) has expanded our subscription at no additional cost. The Rod Library subscription now includes the following, which as a group is called ABI/INFORM Complete: *ABI/INFORM Global *ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry *ABI/INFORM Dateline *The Wall Street Journal ABI/INFORM Complete can be picked to search everything, or the individual components can be picked from a drop-down on the ABI/INFORM home page. ABI/INFORM Complete can be accessed from the Rod Library Business Portal and the Rod Library home page under Databases A-Z. New types of sources include: *Industry and market research reports from Business Monitor International and FirstResearch *Country Finance and Country Forecast reports from Economist Intelligence Unit *Commodity reports from Economist Intelligence Unit Other types of resources that may be of interest include: *ProQuest Annual Reports Collection (10Ks and Annual Reports to Shareholders) *Doctoral dissertations *Social Science Research Network working papers