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Who Needs Wikipedia?

Britannica Online is a one-stop resource for basic background information covering many topics that can be used in student research papers, speeches, and other projects.  Students often would like to use Wikipedia, but many instructors will not allow that to be used as a source.  Britannica would make an excellent alternative for many assignments where other encyclopedias are allowed.

Britannica's new and improved site includes many features beyond just the basic encyclopedia articles.  These include

1) Videos and other media related to subjects of articles

2) Links to magazine and journal articles on many topics

3) The ability to compare basic information about two countries

4) World maps; videos and other media related to the articles

5) Definitions of words in the articles, available by double-clicking on any word

Britannica Online is available through the Databases A-Z list, or in UNISTAR, through Rod Library's paid subscription.