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LexisNexis Academic Industry and Executive Information

The LexisNexis Academic database was recently expanded to include Industry Dossier and Executive Dossier information. Tabs for Industry and Executive can be found within the Company Dossier section after clicking the Companies tab on the left side of the inital screen.

The Industry Dossier can be searched by SIC code or industry-related term to get information such as financials and ratios on leading firms in an industry, from providers such as Integra and Morningstar.

The Executive Dossier contains data on more than 58 million executives. This Dossier can be used to look up particular individuals or to create lists of executives, such as those in a certain job speciality or function in a certain industry in a certain geographic area.

LexisNexis Academic can be accesed from the Databases A-Z heading in the upper middle portion of the Library home page, the Business Portal, or this URL: