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Blind Date With a Book 2014

Rod Library to offer patrons an unusual dating service
That’s right, back by popular demand, library staff will be sponsoring a fun reading promotion.

Blind Date With a Book
February 10-21, 2014

Readers may check out a book wrapped in brown take it home, unwrap it and read it. Read the entire book if you like it, or just return it to the library. It’s feelings won’t be hurt.
There will be a rating slip in the book so that you can review your blind date. The slip is in the form of a bookmark and will allow tell others about your experience. Who knows, you may get lucky and find an author you really like.

Rating slips returned to the library will be entered into a drawing for a special prize.

This fun activity is designed encourage reading and to try out new authors or genres. Readers may find themselves enjoying a book that they never would have selected on their own.

So break out of a winter reading rut and open yourself to the possibility of something new. The selected books will cover a wide range of authors and include both fiction and nonfiction.
See the special display in the library lobby or call the front desk for more information. 319-273– 2462