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Collaborative Workstations

Eight collaborative work stations are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor.  These stations are equipped with the latest Office software, a multimedia package, and dual monitors to better facilitate group work. 

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Faculty and Emeritus Study Rooms

Faculty study rooms are available on the third and fourth floors.

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Multipurpose Room (Room 324)

The Multipurpose room is available for groups or individuals affiliated with the university who need a presentation practice area or a larger space for group work. The room is located on the 3rd floor and has a computer with all Microsoft Office products, a projector and a stereo receiver with speakers, a DVD/VCR and an Elmo. The room has 12 tables and will seat 30. The room can be booked or reserved in advance for up to a 3 hour session. If the room is not booked it is available on demand for a 2 hour check out with one 1 hour renewal option. 

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Quiet and Group Study Areas

Need a quiet space to study or a place to gather with your group to work on those last minute presentation details? The library may be the place for you.

Quiet spots: Get away from your loud neighbors and try the "quiet areas" on fourth floor and the east lounge on the third floor.

Group spots: Stop in and check out the sections of the first, second and third floors that have been arranged to give you more group study options.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/services/study-areas/quiet-group-study-areas
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Study Rooms

Study rooms are located on the first, third, and fourth floors. These rooms are intended for groups of up to six students who wish to study together. Keys are checked out at the Circulation Desk on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved in advance. Patrons are limited to one checkout of a study room per day for any individual or group.  A number of rooms also have computers with basic Microsoft products available.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/services/study-areas/study-rooms
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