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Audio-Visual Gear

Audio-visual equipment is located at the Circulation Desk on the second floor and the Fine and Performing Arts Collection on the fourth floor.  Fine and Performing Arts has listening/viewing rooms available for checkout.  There are 3 rooms on the 1st floor available for reservation and use with Rod Scheduler.

Equipment Location 
  Circulation Desk Fine and Performing Arts Collection
Laptop Computers  x  
Nooks/Kindle  x  
TVs with DVD player  x  x
TVs with VCR  x  x
CD players    x
Cassettes players/recorders  x  x
LP players    x
Slide Projectors    x
Digital microfilm/microfiche/microcard reader/printer    x    
Scanner    x  x
Headphones    x  x
Computer Mouses  x  
Flash drives  x  
Calculators  x  
Laptop chargers  x     
Cell phone charger  x  
Crayons  x  
Colored pencils  x  
Colored markers  x  
Glue stick  x  
Highlighters  x  
Scissors  x  
Sharpies  x  
Stapler  x  
Wite out  x  

Headphones can be checked out from the Circulation desk for 3 Hour Building Use Only.