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Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Rod Library offers access to rich information resources and innovative services in a vibrant learning environment that inspires members of the University and wider community to become critical thinkers and responsible world citizens.


We envision a library that takes us beyond our four walls and into the future by:

  • Anticipating and adapting to changing patterns of scholarship and learning as well as changing lifestyles of faculty and students
  • Providing immediate and seamless access to rich and diverse research materials regardless of format, location, or mode of access
  • Delivering personalized services tailored to individual needs whenever possible without regard for time and space constraints
  • Supporting educational and informational needs of patrons from increasingly diverse backgrounds and locations


Rod Library believes that intellectual freedom and inquiry are at the heart of all academic endeavors.  We therefore:

  • Strive to provide balanced local and electronic collections representing different points of view.
  • Support the diverse backgrounds and learning styles of our patrons.
  • Provide equitable access to resources, information, and services.
  • Treat our local and global library community with respect.
  • Protect our patrons’ privacy and right to confidentiality.
  • Offer excellent services provided by a knowledgeable and creative staff able to anticipate and adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Serve as conscientious stewards of our collections and fiscal resources.
  • Provide safe, accommodating, and inviting user spaces.


GOAL I. (Services) Provide high quality services responsive to the changing cultural, research, and informational needs of our community, ensuring accountability and equitable access.


  1. Evaluate, re-envision, and redefine reference services

  2. Expand and revitalize library instruction

  3. Identify core Museums services and integrate Museums into library

  4. Expand Digital Publishing Services

  5. Encourage submission of innovative ideas for new services

GOAL II. (Collections) Create and develop comprehensive and diverse collections to support UNI as a leading undergraduate public university with special emphasis on the liberal arts and Pre K-12 education.


  1. Migrate collections (reference, journals, books, government publications, maps, media) to electronic formats

  2. Plan for and initiate relocation of Museum collections

  3. Assess collections and determine appropriate size and scope

  4. Use data-driven decisions regarding collections

  5. Determine purpose and scope of Special Services units

GOAL III. (Staff) In a climate that fosters experimentation and risk taking, encourage staff to work at their fullest potential enabling them to succeed in positions designed for the library’s future.


  1. Expand the use of data so library staff can make more informed decisions

  2. Prepare Library staff to adapt to evolving Library services and roles

  3. Staff Museums services

  4. Develop a greater understanding among library staff of how they contribute to the Library and the University

  5. Increase and emphasize diversity in staff, collections, and services

GOAL IV. (Physical) Provide functional, flexible, inviting, safe, technology-equipped learning spaces.


  1. Design Learning Commons and Digital Media Hub as an inviting place for library patrons

  2. Renovate the Library building to meet changing needs

GOAL V. (Online) Provide leading edge, user friendly online environments.


  1. Redesign library web site using responsive web design and explore mobile applications for unique service delivery

  2. Assess and modify discovery system

  3. Plan for next generation integrated library system

GOAL VI. (Advocacy) Increase awareness of and support for the Library’s vital role in fulfilling the educational mission of the University in providing excellent undergraduate and rigorous and relevant graduate education.


  1. Considerably expand the Library’s outreach efforts

  2. Aggressively market Library services

  3. Integrate library into University initiatives


Revised June 13, 2013

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