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3. Student Employment Procedures

Library Student Employment Coordinator and Assistant

A Student Employment Coordinator and Assistant are available to handle all student employment within the Library. The Student Employment Assistant keeps applications on file and makes them available to hiring departments. You are always welcome to visit with the Assistant about any questions you may have regarding employment status. Any questions on work rules or situations that may arise while you are working in the Library should be discussed with the Coordinator.

The Student Employment Coordinator's Office is located at LIB 208. Stop by between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Student Employment Assistant can be contacted at 273-2860.

Application Process

Job openings are posted on the University Online Job Board at

Application forms for the current school term, as well as the upcoming semester or summer session, are available at all times on the Library Student Employment website. 

This form should be completely filled out, signed, and dropped into the grey box at the main circulation desk or an electronic copy can be emailed to

Please indicate on the application form if you have received a work study award. (See section on Work Study and Budget Monies).


  1. Enrollment minimum: Domestic students must be enrolled during the semester in which they will be employed.  International students must be enrolled in the Culture and Intensive English Program or a minimum of half-time (6 undergraduate hours or 5 graduate hours) in any semester in which they are employed except in the final semester of their degree program when they can be enrolled in as few as one hour.  Students who are enrolled in the spring term and are registered for the next fall term may work during summer.

  2. Enrollment minimum for Federal Work-Study (FWS):  Students must be enrolled a minimum of half-time.  For fall and spring semesters, half-time is defined as at least 6 hours at the undergraduate level or 5 hours at the graduate level.  For the summer, half-time is defined as at least 5 hours at the undergraduate level or 4 hours at the graduate level.  

Job Descriptions and Beginning Wages

The beginning wage for students hired as a Library Assistant is $7.50. The job descriptions and qualifications vary by department. and students will receive training for these positions.

The beginning wage for students in some units will be determined by the hiring unit. These positions require a high level of comprehensive skills, responsibilities, training, and appropriate experience.


Generally, Library student employees may receive a $.05 to $.20 per hour raise each year of employment at the beginning of each Fall semester if a student employee worked any amount of time during the previous Fall/Spring semesters. This does not apply to summer employment.

Wage increases are not based on merit and are dependent upon the current budget .

A student may receive a pay increase during the year if his or her job classification changes.

Work Study and Budget Monies

The most significant difference between work study and non-work study employees is the account from which the wages are paid. Non-work study students (departmental) are paid out of the library student assistant budget.

The work study program is an employment program awarded through financial aid. Work study student employees are to earn their award money by performing work tasks. The student is given an allocation of a specific dollar amount of student employment that can be earned to help defray educational costs. It is expected that the student will not only benefit financially from the program, but will also acquire valuable work experience.


All student employees record time worked on the e-Business payroll system. Once eligibility is confirmed and the proper paperwork is submitted to the University Student Employment Office - Career Services, the employee will be given access to the e-Business payroll system through MyUNIverse. The electronic timecards are submitted weekly, with students being paid biweekly. Timecards should not be filled out in advance of working. Your direct supervisor will provide training on how to use the timecard system. Timecards for the previous week need to be submitted no later than noon on Tuesday.

Method of Payment

The University requires that you have your paycheck directly deposited in your bank account. When hired, you will need to fill out an Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Via ACH. A copy of this form will be provided to you by the University Student Employment Office - Career Services. Any future changes needs to be done through e-Business.

The University of Northern Iowa will then automatically deposit your pay into your checking or savings account at most any bank, savings and loan association or credit union in the United States. Your pay slip can be viewed or printed from the Employee Self-Service area of e-Business.

Students employees are paid every two weeks. The payroll periods and paydays for the current year are available on the UNI Payroll department website.

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Student Employment Coordinator

Gail Bunz​
Room 208  (319) 273-6003

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm