Strategic Plan

2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Rod Library's Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 focuses on three goal areas: educational programs and collections; facilities and services; and our organization.  For each goal, the library has created several strategic initiatives that will guide our decision making and activities for the next five years. 

Mission, Vision, and Values


The Rod Library team is committed to student success and creating an environment of belonging and collaboration. The library facilitates learning and research and advances information literacy by providing relevant digital and physical collections, inclusive and comfortable spaces, timely instruction, and equitable services.


Rod Library aspires to be the center of campus learning and research, supporting student success and lifelong learning, and equipping students to contribute to an increasingly global and connected society.


Collaboration – Cultivating partnerships on and off campus and working collaboratively within the Library.

Equity – Promoting and supporting a diverse community by providing equitable and inclusive access to information, services, spaces, and collections.

Information Literacy – Empowering students to become lifelong learners who effectively utilize, transform, and create information in an evolving information landscape.

Intellectual Freedom – "The right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction" (ALA) is supported by both our local collection and our connections to other collections through Interlibrary Loan. The right "to privacy and confidentiality in their library use" (ALA) is encoded in our privacy policy and supported by our circulation procedures.

Student Success – Helping students succeed in achieving their educational goals at UNI.

Sustainability – Being effective stewards of our human, environmental, physical, digital, and financial resources, and engaging in holistic decision-making, balancing current needs, resource allocation, and long-term aspirations.

Goal 1: Educational Programs and Collections

Empower students to become lifelong learners through exceptional learning opportunities and equitable access to relevant and diverse collections that support academic programming and information literacy.


  1. Through library instruction and other learning opportunities, prepare information literate students who contribute, engage, and grow in a global society.

  2. Develop and maintain diverse and relevant collections.

  3. Improve access to collections and information. 

  4. Strengthen library and campus connections and partnerships to enhance learning opportunities

Goal 2: Facilities and Services

Enhance, transform, and implement library spaces and services that are welcoming, inclusive, and responsive to user needs.


  1. Provide inclusive library spaces that contribute to student learning and reflect curricular changes.

  2. Offer services that meet the changing needs of our users, seeking efficient, effective, and sustainable methods.

Goal 3: Organization

Create an inclusive and empowered organizational culture which values collaboration, respect, and professional growth.


  1. Improve collaboration and communication within and between all levels and areas of the organization.

  2. Encourage and support professional development and growth of staff.

  3. Provide authentic, meaningful work experiences for student employees and interns that will help prepare them for life and careers after UNI.

  4. Implement, review and refine workflows, procedures, and policies that are effective and contribute to an equitable culture.