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Work opportunities for faculty, staff and students

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/employment
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Floor Maps

 A printable guide to the public areas of Rod Library's four floors.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/floor-maps
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From the Dean

Welcome to Rod Library! We are a staff of experts dedicated to providing you with the information resources and services you need when and where you need them.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/from-the-dean
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Giving to Rod Library

Imagine the Impact of a Library Equipped for the 21st Century Learner 

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/giving-to-rod-library
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Hours of operation for Rod Library and its individual service desks.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/hours
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Location, Directions and Parking

Links to a Google Map for driving directions and links to campus maps & parking.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/location-directions-parking
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Organization Chart

A PDF graphical display of Rod Library departmental, divisional and unit listings.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/org-chart
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A complete listing of all library policies.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/policies
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Public Relations

Rod Library's standing Public Relations Committee facilitates communication between the library and all stakeholders.  Detailed resources are provided for event planning, advertising, and other library PR services.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/public-relations
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Rod Library Fact Sheet

This is general information about Rod Library

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/about-us/fact-sheet
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Staff Directory

A complete directory of all library faculty and staff.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/staff
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Student Employment

Student employees ensure the library operates efficiently, effectively, and pleasantly. You may be surprised to learn how working here will not only benefit you with work experience, but will also teach you how to use the library effectively in your own studies. In the pages below, you will find general information about different jobs and library policies. We always welcome your questions and suggestions.

Learn More at ⇒ library.uni.edu/student-employment
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