You Belong @ Rod Library

Rod Library is committed to creating a welcoming environment where everyone belongs.  We recognize diversity as the broad range of experiences and backgrounds our community brings together to create a rich learning environment. We support the university’s vision of celebrating individuality while creating an inclusive community.

Our goal is to empower all users to learn and grow together in a welcoming and safe climate. We seek to do so through our spaces, resources, services, and staff.

Black History month book display

Highlighting Our Diverse Collections

One way Rod Library empowers all users is by curating and sharing diverse collections. 

Each month, the Committee for Community Belonging curates a themed book display located near the Book Bistro on the library's main floor. We encourage you to explore what's there and check out what interests you. 


Online Resources

Our online resources are available on and off campus. View our Community Belonging-related online displays here. 

Curate a Book Display

Rod Library's Committee for Community Belonging curates monthly displays of library resources related to a theme or recognition month.  The library welcomes display requests from current UNI students, student organizations, faculty, and staff. Display topics should align with UNI's educational goals and Rod Library's statement on belonging. Please fill out the Exhibit Case Request Form and select 'Book Display Stand' to request to curate a book display. 

Rod Library Committee for Community Belonging

The 2023-2024 Committee for Community Belonging members are Johnnie Blunt, Linda McLaury, Ellen Neuhaus, Amandajean Nolte, Danette Priebe, and Cindy Bancroft (ex officio).

Our charge is to "provide leadership in the area of library belonging  by promoting and fostering a broad understanding of the diversity of our campus community, assessing how the library integrates a sense of belonging and welcoming into its programs and services, and suggesting ways the library can build on its commitment to foster a welcoming university community that embraces and respects differences."

To suggest library programming or services, or to share comments and concerns, you can email the Rod Library Committee for Community Belonging at