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Copyright Policies

Members of the UNI community are bound by law to honor the copyrights of intellectual property creators.  At the same time, as members of a university, UNI faculty, staff, and students have certain fair use rights which give some latitude for use of copyrighted materials in educational endeavors.  Rod Library is the university’s central point of access to intellectual materials, many of them copyrighted.  In order to honor copyright while extending to the university community the benefits of educational fair use, Rod Library has created policies which attempt to balance the restrictions of copyright law and the educational benefits of fair use.  This site makes available the set of Rod Library copyright policies for your review.

Contacts for copyright information at UNI are:

General copyright education; advice as to how to adhere to copyright in particular cases: 
The UNI Copyright Committee.   

Reference & Research concerning copyright: Rod Library Reference Desk.  273-2838.  Or, Ask a Librarian

Interlibrary Loan Copyright Policy

Questions concerning this site / Rod Library copyright policies:
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