Legal, Medical, and Business Reference Policy

Rod Library provides access to a wide variety of information resources including legal, medical, and business information within the limitations of the library’s budget and collection management policies.  Library users may access information available in the library collection within the parameters of copyright and database licensing agreements.

Librarians and other library staff may: help identify and locate legal, medical, and business information; explain the variety and use of related information resources and reference tools; suggest sources of information including professionals in practice; find facts such as names, addresses, and phone numbers; suggest research strategies; refer patrons to other libraries or institutions when Rod Library does not have what is needed.

Librarians and other library staff cannot: interpret information sources; give legal, medical, or business advice, recommendations, or opinions; conduct legal, medical, or business research on behalf of library patrons.

Patrons are responsible for doing their own research. Patrons should assess the information themselves, determine what factors apply to their situation, and choose the information that seems appropriate to their situation.

Adopted or Revised: March 4, 2004; 01/2019
Reviewed: 2019/01