ScholarSpace Terms of Use

Purpose. The ScholarSpace, located in room 301 on the 3rd floor of the library, will be used for hosting visiting lecturers, public events and scholarly communication on campus. All events must be sponsored by UNI faculty, staff and students. The ScholarSpace is not intended for social events and/or retirement parties.  Library faculty and staff will have priority use of this room and are not subject to these restrictions.

Hours of Use. The library will schedule the ScholarSpace for events during regular library hours.

Event Promotion. The library can promote ScholarSpace events by posting them on the Rod Library calendar and website. Email to request assistance. Units/departments should contact University Relations (319-273-2761) to publicize events beyond the Rod Library community.

Capacity. The ScholarSpace holds a maximum of 106 people without tables. If you need space for fewer than 50 people, we can help you locate another space within the library.

Who Can Reserve. The ScholarSpace can be reserved by University of Northern Iowa faculty, staff, and students.

Access. The ScholarSpace key will need to be checked out from the Circulation Desk. Bring your UNI ID or have your fingerprint on record with the DOR in order to complete your checkout.

Room Instructions. Inside the podium, you will find a folder that shows how to control the lights and the arrangement of the tables and chairs. This information can also be found on the tab Documentation.

Food & Beverages. Your group is responsible for supplying the food/beverages, serving items, utensils, and any other items needed to serve. Please follow University policies for the Preparation of Food and Beverages and Alcohol Policy for on-campus events.

Post-Event Cleanup. Your group must do a thorough cleanup of the room at the immediate end of your event. All trash must be picked up and put into the trash receptacles. All leftovers must be removed and taken with you.  All surfaces (tables) need to be wiped clean. The spray cleaner and napkins are located under the podium. Groups should also spot clean the carpet using the portable carpet sweeper located in the alcove in the back of the room.  If you do not clean the room after your event, you will lose the privilege of using the room.

Furniture Arrangement. The default furniture arrangement of this room is classroom style, with rows of tables, two on each side, with chairs, and an aisle in the middle. Those using the room are responsible for arranging the furniture to fit your needs. If you rearrange the room to fit your needs please remember to rearrange the furniture back to the default, classroom setting.

Equipped Technology.  A computer, microphones, two 90” mounted televisions, projector and projection screen are available in the ScholarSpace.  For additional equipment in the room, see the Equipment tab on the ScholarSpace’s webpage. A designated ScholarSpace laptop may be checked out at the Library Services Desk if needed.

Any violation of these policies may result in the organization’s revocation of the use of the ScholarSpace.

Adopted or Revised Date:  January 12, 2016 (rev. 2017; 10/2018; 01/2020; 8/12/2020)
Review Date:  2020/08